Omega: Alphascape V3.0 (Savage) Raid Strategy Guide

By Kiri Kotone


You are the Alpha, I am the Omega.  
<blip> initiating direct analysis of subject group.

This guide aims to provide tips and strategies for defeating Omega in Alphascape V3.0 (Savage).

Omega is the third fight in the Alphascape Raid, available September 18th in Patch 4.4. Players must have completed the Main Scenario Quest “Stormblood” and the sidequest “To Kweh Under Distant Skies”. Players must be item level 380 or above to challenge this fight in a non-premade group.




  • Omega Trousers of Fending
  • Omega Trousers of Healing
  • Omega Trousers of Aiming
  • Omega Trousers of Maiming
  • Omega Trousers of Scouting
  • Omega Trousers of Striking
  • Omega Trousers of Casting
  • Omega Armguards of Fending
  • Omega Cap of Healing
  • Omega Circlet of Aiming
  • Omega Circlet of Maiming
  • Omega Boots of Scouting
  • Omega Armguards of Striking
  • Omega Eye Mask of Casting


  • Scaevan Weave
  • Scaevan Ester

The Scaevan Weave is used to upgrade a Scaevan left side piece minus belt to item level 400.

The Scaevan Ester is used to upgrade a Scaevan weapon to item level 400.

Token (one per weekly kill per player)

  • Alphascape Datalog V3.0

Eight Datalogs can be traded for a Legs equip of your choice.


Assign protean positions (cardinal and intercardinal) for all players to deal with mechanics in the fight. The platform of the arena can be walked off of. Place markers as such.

Update Program
Around halfway through the fight, Omega updates his program gaining new effects to certain abilities. New effects are denoted with Update Program.

Atomic Ray
Moderate raid-wide magical damage.

Mustard Bomb
A heavy magical tank buster on the MT that inflicts a Bleeding debuff for a few seconds. Mitigate and heal through.

Flamethrower Omega shoots a conal AoE at all party members, dealing moderate magical damage. He does another conal AoE at where players are after a second. Move to protean positions, then all players move clockwise to dodge the second AoE.
Update Program: Now inflicts burn debuff for 9 seconds. Mitigate the initial hit and keep HoTs up to heal through.

Starboard/Larboard Wave Cannon
Omega damages either side of the room with heavy, almost lethal magic damage and spins 180 degrees. Starboard hits the right side, and Larboard hits the left side. After doing the mechanic once, he will do another one while facing backwards. Dodge both iterations. Update Program: becomes Starboard/Larboard Cannon Surge - he will repeat the same mechanic immediately afterwards, so run through as the first one resolves.

Peripheral Synthesis
Omega summons fists, which do different mechanics based on which Peripheral Synthesis it is.

  • 1) Three pairs of blue fists and yellow fists are spawned, which lock on to a non-tank. They will continually jump to their locked on player with an AoE, dealing heavy damage. The fists explode after a few jumps and deal raid-wide aoe damage which is usually lethal. To destroy them, two AoEs of different coloured fists must be overlapping. If this is successful, they drop a Live Wire buff that grants a damage buff until the end of the first phase. The AoE does minimal damage if two are overlapping.
  • 2) Four giant fists are spawned at each cardinal edge, which tether to a tank, healer, and two DPS, inflicting Biohack. When Biohack resolves, they act as a divebomb, knocking back players, stunning them for a few seconds, and inflicting blunt resistance down. All tethered players should stand at the edge of the cardinal the fist spawns on, slightly rotated clockwise as to ensure their fist does not hit any other player. All non-tethered players should stack in the middle of the arena.
  • Update Program: Eight red fists are spawned. They are removed similar to the first one, but they deal heavy magical damage when two explode together. The fists should be exploded in order of healer > tank > melee > ranged, with healing between each one. Alternatively, have the party stack and simply tank LB3 when they are about to explode.

Program Loop
Omega becomes untargetable and summons the Level Checker in the middle of the arena. The arena becomes circular, with outside of the circle and the very middle being death zones.

Executes a mechanic sequence, spawning Dual Storage Violation towers and inflicts Looper on all players. If Looper resolves, players are inflicted with Memory Loss, causing confusion and likely walking into the edge or middle. Looper is resolved by taking damage from Dual Storage Violation.

  • Executable 1 spawns four Dual Storage Violation 2 player towers close on one set of opposing cardinals and far on the other set of opposing cardinals.
  • Executable 2 spawns three Dual Storage Violations 1 player towers at cardinals on the outside edge and three 2 player towers at intercardinals on the inside edge.
    • If the first Executable had N/S towers close, then the first tower will spawn NW; if the first Executable had E/W towers close, then the first tower will spawn SE.
    • The Level Checker also inflicts the two furthest players with Chains of Memory. Chains of Memory chains two players together and forms a line between them that will instantly resolve Looper if stepped into. If the chained players are not at the max possible distance, they will get stacks of Memory Degradation. Six stacks of Memory Degradation will inflict Memory Loss.
    • The Loopers inflicted during this phase will have three different durations (12s, 22s, 32s). Players must soak Dual Storage Violation towers in that order.

Dual Storage Violation
A tower that must be soaked with one or two people depending on the amount of circles orbiting the perimeter. Taking a tower removes the Looper debuff.

Ferrofluid Tethers dps and tanks/healers together with magnets. Opposite magnets pull the tethered players together and same magnets push the tethered players apart. Players must get pulled or pushed into Dual Storage Violation towers in Executable 1.

An AoE centered around the Level Checker. Inflicts a damage down debuff and deals moderate damage.

A donut AoE centered around the Level Checker. Inflicts a damage down debuff and deals moderate damage.

Force Quit
Level Checker’s enrage. If this goes off, all players are instantly killed.

Delta Attack
A devastating hit from Omega which requires tank LB3. It inflicts Gradual Petrification debuff, which requires all players to be healed to full or they die. Mitigate fully and quickly top players off.

Ballistic Impact
All players get an AoE marker, which deals light damage and leaves behind a puddle that inflicts burn on anyone standing in it. Take these away from melee range.

Tethers a random player, which can be picked up. It will explode as it resolves in a large AoE. It inflicts a Doom on players not at full health, while inflicting HP penalty on all players at full health. The OT should pick it up and take it away from the boss.

Electric Slide
A stack marker on a healer which does heavy physical damage.

Omega enters Pantokrator mode, generating AoE missiles that shoot various forms of AoE.

  • MRV Missile Kyrios is a non casted raid AoE that does light magic damage every six seconds. Heal through.
  • Ballistic Impact (Missile) is a non casted AoE that appears under three players. This needs to be dodged as a group.
  • Engage Ballistics Systems shoots Condensed Wave Cannon Kyrios, a line stack marker that must be shared.
  • Wave Cannon Kyrios is a set of markers that targets the closest players. It damages marked players in a line and inflicts magic vulnerability down.
  • Long Needle Kyrios is a proximity marker in the middle of the arena. Move to the edge.
  • Guided Missile Kyrios is a large AoE marker that spawns on the furthest player from the boss.
  • Diffuse Wave Cannon Kyrios is a large conal AoE on both tanks that does heavy damage.
  • Flamethrower (Missile) is seven conal AoEs that rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise.

Fight Mechanics

Phase 1

Atomic Ray
Mustard Bomb
Starboard Wave Cannon/Larboard Wave Cannon
Starboard Wave Cannon/Larboard Wave Cannon
Peripheral Synthesis 1
Program Loop

Phase 2

Level Checker spawns
Executable 1
Executable 2
Force Quit
Delta Attack

Phase 3

Ballistic Impact
Starboard Wave Cannon/Larboard Wave Cannon
Starboard Wave Cannon/Larboard Wave Cannon
Mustard Bomb
Atomic Ray
Peripheral Synthesis 2
Electric Slide
Peripheral Synthesis 2
Starboard Wave Cannon/Larboard Wave Cannon
Starboard Wave Cannon/Larboard Wave Cannon
Update Program
Starboard Cannon Surge/Larboard Cannon Surge

Phase 4 (Pantokrator 1)

Ballistic Impact (Missile) x4
MRV Missile Kyrios x6
Engage Ballistic Systems
Wave Cannon Kyrios x4
Ballistic Impact (Missile)
Wave Cannon Kyrios x4
Ballistic Impact (Missile)
Long Needle Kyrios
Atomic Ray
Peripheral Synthesis 3
Mustard Bomb
Atomic Ray
Ballistic Impact
Starboard Cannon Surge/Larboard Cannon Surge

Phase 5 (Pantokrator 2)

Ballistic Impact (Missile) x8
MRV Missile Kyrios x8
Flamethrower (Missile) Guided Missile Kyrios x5
Engage Ballistics Systems
Diffuse Wave Cannon Kyrios x9
Wave Cannon Kyrios x3
Wave Cannon Kyrios x3
Long Needle Kyrios
Starboard Cannon Surge/Larboard Cannon Surge
Starboard Cannon Surge/Larboard Cannon Surge
Mustard Bomb
Atomic Ray
Atomic Ray
Atomic Ray

Enrage is a long casted Loop that lasts for 17 seconds.

Fight Strategy

Phase 1:

  • Mustard Bomb is a heavy hitting magical tank buster that inflicts Bleed for a few seconds. Mitigate and heal afterwards.
  • To deal with Flamethrower, players should be spread out in their protean positions. After the first AoE goes out, all players rotate clockwise to ensure they are in a safe spot.
  • Dodge Starboard or Larboard. Flip your camera around to ensure you are facing the right direction.
  • Peripheral Synthesis 1 spawns fists that aim toward DPS or healers. They must be resolved by DPS and healers with different coloured fists stacking explosions with each other. Spread loosely in a rectangle shape and stack with the nearest player with a different coloured fist. Try not to stack on top of each other in the beginning to ensure you can see what coloured fist you have.
  • The explosions if done successfully drop a Live Wire buff, which lasts until the end of the phase and increase damage dealt very slightly.

Phase 2:

  • The Level Checker phase is both a mechanical and DPS check.
  • The first Executable must be resolved by two players standing in each other. The Ferrofluid should resolve such that players are either pushed into a far tower or pulled into a close tower.
  • Since DPS are tethered with tanks/healers, they should stand on opposite sides to see who is tethered to whom. DPS stand on the NW and tanks/healers stand SE. After confirming their tether, players who have opposite magnets should go close on the cardinal with the far tower, and players who have same magnets should go far on the cardinal with the close tower.
  • Executable 2 is a tricky mechanic. Two ranged players who are designated baiters should go to the edge of the arena opposite from each other to bait Chains of Memory. Players cannot cross the line AoE formed by Chains of Memory - they must go around it, or wait for the chained players to rotate.
  • All other players will receive Looper debuffs with either 12s, 22s, or 32s duration. They must remove them by standing in a Dual Storage Violation tower that spawns in the centre. Meanwhile, the two players with Chains of Memory must rotate around the arena picking up towers that spawn at the edge of the arena.
  • The easiest way to do this is to have the bait players stand east and west, with all other players stacking north if Executable 1 had N/S towers close and south if Executable 1 had E/W towers close. When the first tower spawns, the chained players should rotate clockwise once the first tower blows up. Two players in the middle must take the towers, and they should take them in order of fastest to slowest Looper debuff.
  • Dodge Reset and Reformat, and beat the long casted Force Quit enrage.
  • Make sure to heavily mitigate Delta Attack besides tank LB to make healing up Gradual Petrification easier.

Phase 3:

  • Flamethrower is now accompanied with Ballistic Impact. It is a light marked AoE on all players (~11k) which leaves behind a fire puddle at impact location. Rotating clockwise ensures that players are not hit by multiple. All players should back off slightly in order to drop them away from the boss, as it will be difficult to do Starboard/Larboard with fire puddles in the hitbox.
  • Blaster is a tether that should be picked up and taken away by the OT. Top the OT off, and everyone caught in the AoE will have HP Penalty. This means that they require a shield and a light cooldown for the coming Atomic Ray. If you have a PLD, have a ranged take the tether away and cover them for the Atomic Ray - this works for all three in the fight.
  • Peripheral Synthesis 2 is a rather easy mechanic, but has high healing requirements. Players tethered with Biohack must stand on the same edge their fist is at when Biohack resolves, slightly away from the perpendicular edge. After they get knocked back, they have to be healed up and stack in the middle for Electric Slide.
  • The second instance is the same, except players must then dodge a Starboard/Larboard.
  • Update Program happens after this, which will change the effects of certain abilities and lead into the Pantokrator phases. The next Flamethrower does not have a Ballistic Impact, but leaves a burn DoT which should be taken care of with HoTs.
  • Dodge Starboard/Larboard Surge by moving immediately through the boss once the cast finishes.

Phase 4:

  • As Pantokrator casts, all players should stack on the SW of the boss hitbox. The MT can stay N if they want.
  • Heal through MRV Missile Kyrios while dodging Ballistic Impact (Missile). Dodge clockwise to the outside edge of the AoE and wait for the next one. All players should end up north, where they will stack for Engage Ballistics Systems. Heal up and mitigate the damage - heal again afterwards to prepare for Wave Cannon Kyrios.
  • Spread out to protean positions immediately afterwards. Healers and tanks should stay outside of the boss hitbox and DPS should stay inside. Move out once the marker appears. As the AoE resolves, healers and tanks should move into the boss hitbox and DPS stay out, and do the same movement.
  • For Long Needle Kyrios, all players should move to the A marker (NW) and stack in the corner. Mitigate the damage and heal up either the OT or the ranged (if you have PLD) to full to prepare for Blaster.
  • Bring the boss to the middle afterwards and spread to protean positions for Peripheral Synthesis 3, except for healers who should stand in the middle. Blow up the fists in the order of healer > tank > melee > ranged. Heal through and provide big mitigation for each explosion set.
  • Heal and mitigate through Mustard Bomb and Atomic Ray while fist explosions are happening.
  • Alternatively, everyone stack in the middle and tank LB3 the fist explosions. This is the easiest way to deal with this mechanic.
  • The next Flamethrower has a burn and is also accompanied with Ballistic Impact. Mitigate the initial hit and heal the burn with HoTs. Immediately after is a Starboard/Larboard surge.

Phase 5:

  • As Pantokrator casts, do the same thing as the last one EXCEPT for one ranged, who is designated to bait the Guided Missile Kyrios. They should head south, to the edge of the platform, and dodge the large AoEs as they come. Make sure they are healed as they may be out of range for AoE heals.
  • Heal through MRV Missile Kyrios while dodging Ballistic Impact (Missile). Dodge clockwise to the outside edge of the AoE and wait for the next one. However, in this iteration Flamethrower (Missile) conal AoEs appear when four are done and will either go clockwise or counterclockwise. The party wants to go the same direction as the Flamethrower, so start rotating counterclockwise after the fourth Ballistic Impact (Missile) if the Flamethrower is that way too.
  • All players should end up south for Engage Ballistics Systems. Immediately after, the MT should go north, the OT south, and then the healers and DPS should split themselves three east and three west (one ranged, one melee, one healer on each side is probably the best way). Diffuse Wave Cannon is then spammed on the tanks - DPS and healers are already spread to avoid this.
  • The players spread east should stand in the hitbox and the players spread west should stand out to bait Wave Cannon Kyrios. Do the reverse for the second set.
  • Again, move to the NW corner (A marker) to get away from Long Needle Kyrios.
  • Give players space to dodge two Starboard/Larboard surges in a row - don’t have the boss be all the way in the corner.
  • Before Blaster, there is a Charybdis which brings all players to critical HP levels. Only the MT and whoever is picking up the tether needs to be healed, as Atomic Ray comes a bit later.
  • Heal through the Atomic Rays and full burn for enrage.

Role Specific Tips


  • Use big mitigation or invulns for Mustard Bomb, as it is the major tank buster in the fight.
  • AoE shields and Reprisals should be used for periods of heavy AoE damage or big AoEs, like Update Program Flamethrower, Engage Ballistic Systems, 2nd and 3rd Peripheral Synthesis, or Electric Slide.
  • The OT should take Blaster away from the party (NE corner is a good spot), and use a light cooldown for the subsequent Atomic Ray to not die. If the OT is a PLD, they can have a ranged do it and Cover them for the Atomic Ray.
  • Remember to tank LB Delta Attack.
  • Save strong cooldowns for Diffuse Wave Cannon.
  • If MTing, Starboard/Larboard will be the opposite way of what other players call. Keep that in mind.


  • This fight is light on damage for the most part, until Pantokrator.
  • As Gradual Petrification is after a long transition, you can use free AoE heals there. Just be quick healing it up.
  • You must top off the player picking up the Blaster tether, or they will be Doomed. Give that player a shield for the next Atomic Ray.
  • Wait until all players are moving to the middle to top them off with AoE healers for Electric Slide. As players are stacked, ground effects like Sacred Soil/Asylum/Collective Unconsciousness are useful here.
  • Make sure to have HoTs rolling any time Flamethrower is cast after Upgrade Program.
  • Save your strongest AoE heals for both Pantokrator sections. It is multiple heavy AoE damage in quick sequence.
  • Tank LB3ing 3rd Peripheral Synthesis makes it much easier on the healers.
  • Keep tanks topped off during Diffuse Wave Cannon. AoE heal the Wave Cannon Kyrios targets.


  • This is mostly a mechanical fight with small amounts of downtime.
  • DPS with good damage at their 1m cycle should pick up the Live Wire buff. NIN, SMN, and MCH are all good recipients for it.
  • The Level Checker is omni-directional.
  • Detach from the boss slightly for Ballistic Impact to not clutter the middle.
  • If you have a mobility skill like Elusive Jump or Shukuchi, you can use it to get to your Peripheral Synthesis 2 position as Biohacked is about to resolve.