Omega: Alphascape V4.0 (Savage) Part One Raid Strategy Guide

By Kiri Kotone


Experiment concluded.
I am the Alpha. I am the Omega.

This guide aims to provide tips and strategies for defeating Omega-M and Omega-F in Alphascape V4.0 (Savage).

Omega-M is the first phase of the fourth fight in the Alphascape Raid, available September 18th in Patch 4.4. Players must have completed the Main Scenario Quest “Stormblood” and the sidequest “To Kweh Under Distant Skies”. Players must be item level 380 or above to challenge this fight in a non-premade group.


Omega-M and Omega-F NIN PoV


This fight is the gatekeeper, and as such does not drop any loot.


Assign protean positions (cardinal and intercardinal) for all players to deal with mechanics in the fight. Ideally, melee should be cardinal, or have preassigned cardinal spots. Assign 4 players - one tank, one healer, and two DPS - for each boss. The platform of the arena can be walked off of. Place markers on all cardinal edges.

There is a giant eye, the Optical Unit, outside the arena that rotates to the cardinals at random every once in a while. The eye interacts with the mechanics Suppression and Advanced Suppression. Both effects occur ten seconds after the cast bar resolves.

The Optical Unit shoots a large line AoE down the centre of the arena, dealing lethal damage.

Advanced Suppression
The Optical Unit shoots a large circular AoE that covers the side of the arena it’s on, dealing lethal damage.

Omega-M will transform into Omega-F, then after the second transform back, splits into two. Both bosses must be tanked. Omega-M and Omega-F will ready either Synthetic Blades or Synthetic Shield. Each of these mechanics indicates the mechanic order that is to follow.

Operational Synergy
Cast after Synthetic Shield or Synthetic Blades, and indicates mechanics are about to occur.

Omega-M’s Synthetic Shield
Subject Simulation F
Transforms into Omega-F; casts Discharger shortly after.

Beyond Defense
Targets one player, jumps to them, and deals heavy damage while inflicting Magic Vulnerability Up. Followed up with Pile Pitch.

Pile Pitch
Targets one player to receive a shared magic damage stack. Players not hit by Beyond Defense must stack to share the damage.

Beyond Strength
Jumps to a random player. A donut AoE centered around Omega-M.

Efficient Bladework
Jumps to a random player if casted. A circular AoE centered around Omega-M.

Omega-F’s Synthetic Blades
Subject Simulation M
Transforms into Omega-M.

Optimized Fire III
High damage AoE centered around all players. Spread in order to not clip each other.

Optimized Blizzard III
A horizontal and vertical line AoE centered on Omega-F.

Superliminal Motion
An large 325 degree conal AoE that hits everywhere except behind Omega-F.

Superliminal Steel
A large AoE parallel to the sides of Omega-F.

Moderate magic raid-wide damage and knockback.

Other Abilities
Fundamental Synergy
Omega-M marks all players with Packet Filter F with one to four rectangles and Omega-F marks all players with Packet Filter M with one to four triangles. Readies Electric Slide (dash).

Electric Slide (dash)
Omega-M dashes to rectangle marked players in sequence, and Omega-F dashes to triangle marked players in sequence. The dashes do a wide line AoE and inflict Magic Vulnerability Up, as well as dealing proximity damage to the target and anyone in the way.

Electric Slide (Stack)
Two stack markers on both healers. Omega-M and Omega-F appear on the location the stack damage is taken, though which one appears where is random.

+ The four closest players to Omega-M are inflicted with Packet Filter F, preventing any damage done to Omega-F. + The four closest players to Omega-F are inflicted with Packet Filter M, preventing any damage done to Omega-M. + If Packet Filters are already active, all debuffs are swapped.

Casted by both bosses - grants both Remote Resonance or Local Resonance. On second cast, will grant the one that has not been granted previously. + Local Resonance tethers bosses if they are close to each other, buffing them immensely. + Remote Resonance tethers bosses if they are far away from each other, buffing them immensely.

Laser Shower
Moderate raidwide magical damage. Once casted by both bosses, becomes heavy.

Solar Ray
A tank buster AoE that hits in a circular AoE around the target.

Cosmo Memory
Extremely heavy raidwide magical damage that is casted by both bosses but originates from the Optical Unit. As such, boss mitigation does not work on it.

Optimized Sagittarius Arrow
Omega-M’s Limit Break - marks a tank to take a line AoE, dealing extremely heavy magic damage.

Optimized Meteor
Omega-F’s Limit Break - marks a tank to take a proximity AoE, dealing extremely heavy magic damage to all party members.

Optimized Blade Dance
An extremely heavy physical tank buster on both tanks.

Fight Mechanics

Phase 1

Synthetic Shield
Beyond Defense
Pile Pitch
Optical Unit moves
Subject Simulation F
Synthetic Blades
Advanced Suppression
Superliminal Motion
Optimized Fire III
Optical Unit moves
Subject Simulation M
Electric Slide (stack)
Discharger + Efficient Bladework

Phase 2

[M+F] Firewall
[M+F] Resonance
[M+F] Fundamental Synergy
[M+F] Advanced Suppression
[M+F] Electric Slide (dash)
Optical Unit moves
[M+F] Laser Shower
[M+F] Solar Ray

Phase 3 - Synthetic Shield

[M] Synthetic Shield
[M+F] Operational Synergy
[M] Beyond Defense + [F] Optimized Blizzard III
[M] Pile Pitch
[F] Optimized Fire III
[M] Beyond Strength
[M] Efficient Bladework + [F] Laser Shower
[M+F] Laser Shower

Phase 3 - Synthetic Blades

[F] Synthetic Blades
[M+F] Operational Synergy
[F] Superliminal Steel
[M] Pile Pitch + [F] Optimized Blizzard III
[F] Superliminal Motion
[M] Efficient Bladework + [F] Optimized Fire III
[M] Laser Shower
[M+F] Laser Shower

Phase 4

[M+F] Firewall
[M+F] Resonance
[M+F] Fundamental Synergy
[M+F] Advanced Suppression
[M+F] Electric Slide (dash)
Optical Unit moves
[M+F] Laser Shower
[M+F] Solar Ray

Phase 5

Does Phase 3 - Synthetic Blades if Phase 3 was Synthetic Shield / Does Phase 3 - Synthetic Shield if Phase 3 was Synthetic Blades

Phase 6

[M+F] Laser Shower
[M] Optimized Sagittarius Arrow + [F] Optimized Meteor
Optical Unit moves
[M+F] Cosmo Memory
[M+F] Laser Shower
[M+F] Optimized Blade Dance
Advanced Suppression
[M] Optimized Sagittarius Arrow + [F] Optimized Meteor
[M+F] Cosmo Memory
[M+F] Laser Shower
[M+F] Optimized Blade Dance

Enrage is a Cosmo Memory after both become untargetable.

Fight Strategy

Phase 1:

  • Abilities with [M] indicate that they are casted by Omega-M. Abilites with [F] indicate they are casted by Omega-F. Abilities with [M+F] indicate that they are casted by both at the same time.
  • The party should group near the east side of the arena and pull the boss to the east, as Suppression is cast quickly into the fight.
  • Spread out loosely on the east side of the arena to avoid clipping another player with Beyond Defense (melee on cardinal, ranged away), while dodging Suppression. Immediately after, all players should stack up on the rear of the boss for Pile Pitch, except the one that was targeted for Beyond Defense. Both deal heavy damage.
  • As the boss is already on the east edge, stack behind when Subject Simulation F is casting to avoid being knocked off by Discharger. Knockback prevention skills work on this.
  • Pull the boss to the middle and face her towards the eye. Stack up behind her during Superliminal Motion, then spread out loosely on the side of the arena opposite of the eye to dodge Advanced Suppression. The MT should move after Advanced Suppression resolves.
  • The boss becomes untargetable after Subject Simulation M. Two stacks appear on either healer; they should move with their stacks to south and east. After taking the stack, Omega-M and Omega-F will appear randomly. Go to Omega-F, and get knocked back by Discharger but not into Omega-M, which casts Efficient Bladework.
  • The two groups should split up and be near their bosses. Aggro resets.

Phase 2:

  • Tanks must re-establish aggro onto both bosses. Drag both out a bit before they cast Firewall.
  • As both groups are already near the bosses they should hit, Firewall will place Packet Filter debuffs on the correct targets.
  • Resonance will determine whether the tanks have to drag the bosses far apart or close together. Look for the debuff and react accordingly. Keep the boss near the edge of the arena, but not at the very edge.
  • The Optical Unit’s location will determine which tank moves. The bosses must be positioned perpendicular to the eye, so the tank with the boss parallel to the eye will move the boss either close to the other tank or opposite of the other tank. All party members should follow their respective buffs and stay relatively close to the boss.
  • To do Fundamental Synergy efficiently, the players who receive an odd number of triangles OR rectangles move to the opposite side of the arena they are currently on. Players who were attacking the male (Packet Filter F) should stand on the marker, while players who were attacking the female should stand on the side of the arena away from the eye. This is to dodge the Advanced Suppression that happens halfway through.
  • All players should be at the very edge, in a rectangular pattern, relatively far from each other.

If bosses were close:

3 1         2 4
3 1         2 4

If bosses were far:

3 1         2 4
4 2         1 3
  • The players in the front should move back once they have been dashed to. The players who are in the back should move forward as well, as to not hit the first two players with their dash. The two players in the front should stand relatively far from each other, as the dashes are quite wide.
  • This strategy ensures the same movement for both methods of Fundamental Synergy.
  • If the tank has to run back from a distance, they should Sprint and run back along the outside edge once they have been hit to make sure the bosses stay far enough from each other. Melee can do this too for uptime.
  • After the dashes, heal up for double Laser Shower. If the bosses are far, try to stay near the centre to be in range for heals.
  • As Solar Ray is an AoE, stay far away from the tank when it is being casted. Mitigate and heal up accordingly.
  • The next phase has two different patterns, depending on if Omega-M casts Synthetic Shield or if Omega-F casts Synthetic Blades. The best way to position them is to have Omega-M in the middle facing any direction, and Omega-F slightly away facing the outside, preferably on any cardinal. This ensures uptime for both patterns.

Phase 3 - Synthetic Shield

  • [Our group uses the eye position as north for this sequence. However, using Omega-F boss north is fine too - just make sure everyone is on the same page.]
  • Omega-M casts Synthetic Shield, signalling the start of the Shield phase.
  • Both will cast Operational Synergy. This is the start of the mechanic sequence.
  • Be prepared to run out to protean spots based on the eye. As soon as Optimized Blizzard III starts casting, move outside to dodge it and stay until Beyond Defense resolves.
  • All players run back and stack in the middle except for the player that was targeted by Beyond Defense. All players should then immediately head to their protean spots (ranged slightly further) to not clip each other with Optimized Fire III. It may be a good idea to keep one healer in the centre of the arena so their heals reach all players. Do not run too far.
  • Immediately after, Omega-M jumps to a random player and casts Beyond Strength. Immediately collapse in, then run out as he casts Efficient Bladework shortly after. Heal up for Laser Shower, as double Laser Shower is incoming.

Phase 3 - Synthetic Blades

  • [Our group uses Omega-F as boss north for this sequence. However, using the eye position as north is fine too - just make sure everyone is on the same page.]
  • Omega-F casts Synthetic Blades, signalling the start of the Blades phase.
  • Both will cast Operational Synergy. This is the start of the mechanic sequence.
  • Stand near east, inside Superliminal Steel, then dodge east right after it finishes as a group. This ensures no one is hit by Optimized Blizzard III while still stacking for Pile Pitch.
  • Return to the middle of the arena to dodge Superliminal Motion. Dodge outside for Efficient Bladework, heading to protean spots to avoid clipping each other with Optimized Fire III.
  • Heal up for Laser Shower, then heal and mitigate double Laser Shower.

Phase 4:

  • Phase 4 is the same as Phase 2, however Firewall will swap the debuffs, meaning whoever was attacking Omega-M will now attack Omega-F, and vice-versa.
  • The Resonance debuff will swap as well - if the bosses had to be far previously, now they have to be close, and vice-versa. Make sure to position the bosses so they are perpendicular to the eye, as to dodge Advanced Suppression.
  • Position the boss like the end of Phase 2 as well.

Phase 5:

  • Phase 5 will be whichever Synthetic pattern was not done in Phase 3. React accordingly.
  • Afterwards, move the boss perpendicular to the eye near the edge a bit south of the eye.

Phase 6

  • Heal up the second double Laser Shower. Suppression will cast, followed by Optimized Sagittarius Arrow and Optimized Meteor.
  • The tank with Optimized Meteor should quickly run to the opposite side of the arena to not get hit by Suppression. The tank with Optimized Sagittarius Arrow should run south relative to the eye. All other party members should stack at the edge where the bosses are; max melee range of the boss is fine. Mitigate and heal through the high tank damage, and moderate party damage.
  • Mitigate and heal through double Cosmo Memory, an extremely hard hitting raid buster. Then heal through another double Laser Shower.
  • Optimized Blade Dance is a heavy physical AoE. One tank should Provoke the other boss and use an invuln on both hits if one is available. Alternatively, use extremely heavy cooldowns.
  • As the eye moves, the bosses must be moved as well again.
  • This time, do not stand on the side of the arena the eye is on, as Advanced Suppression will cast. Do the same things as before.

Role Specific Tips


  • Pull the boss to the east side of the arena to start. There is not a lot of tank damage in the beginning, so rotate cooldowns for autoattacks and AoE damage as necessary.
  • Make sure you always know where the eye is so you can position the boss(es) accordingly.
  • After being knocked back by Discharger, you can jump back to the boss (DRK Plunge/WAR Onslaught/PLD Tempered Will) and walk them to the middle or simply let the boss come to you.
  • The MT should immediately move to the front of the boss after Advanced Suppression goes off to not clip the other melee.
  • Prepare to pick up your boss immediately as it spawns after Electric Slide. Swap to tank stance and prepare to use an aggro combo, as they both spawn with fresh enmity tables.
  • It may be helpful for someone to call out Local or Remote Resonance for you - either another player or a trigger - so you can quickly position the boss. Do not position the boss at the edge, but rather close to the edge so that there is space between the boss and the edge.
  • Save Sprint or a dash to get back to the boss if you are an odd number during Local Resonance. The boss will move slightly after Electric Slide (dash) finishes, and if you are still running the bosses will tether.
  • Stand at max melee range near the edge for Solar Ray and use appropriate mitigation.
  • Position the bosses afterwards correctly. Omega-F always should be facing outwards, slightly away from the centre. Omega-M should be in the centre, but facing any direction.
  • Swap with each other once the second Firewall comes out. Position the boss opposite of what it was last time - if it was far last time, it will be close now, and if it was close now it’ll be far.
  • Position the bosses again correctly.
  • For Optimized Meteor and Sagittarius Arrow, save Sprint for running across the arena for Meteor. The boss should be near the edge. The tank with Sagittarius Arrow should be south as to point the line AoE away from the party. Mitigate both.
  • Use shields for Cosmo Memory and Reprisal Laser Shower.
  • One tank should take both bosses with Ultimatum and invuln the first Optimized Blade Dance. The other tank should take it back as it finishes casting.
  • Move the bosses afterwards and do the mechanic again.


  • The AoE damage in this fight, while not occuring at a high frequency, deals heavy damage. Spend extra AoE heals accordingly.
  • HoTs and oGCD heals should be able to cover the first Pile Pitch, Discharger, and Optimized Fire III.’
  • Surecast can be used for Discharger to keep casting heals or damage.
  • Make sure you discuss with your co-healer where you are going for Electric Slide (stack). Shield and heal beforehand, but do not use HoTs as both bosses spawn with a new aggro table.
  • If it is Local Resonance, players will be at the opposite side of the room. Stay in the middle of the arena to make sure everyone is in range for heals.
  • It may be wise to have a healer stand in the centre during Optimized Fire III during Synthetic Shield phase so they can hit everyone with heals. This requires everyone else fan out slightly, but it is worth the uptime loss.
  • Save oGCD heals for periods of heavy movement during Operational Synergy mechanics. Keep HoTs rolling and mitigate accordingly.
  • The heavy healing part is in the last phase. Make sure all players are topped before Optimized Meteor and Optimized Sagittarius Arrow. Extremely heavy raidwide damage follows that, and then heavy raidwide damage, then heavy tank damage unless invulns are used. This happens twice, so make sure you have enough tools to deal with it.


  • Always try to be in range of heals, and don’t fan out too far for mechanics.
  • Know your assigned spots ahead of time to prevent confusion and AoE clipping.
  • Arms Length and Surecast are effective for keeping uptime during Discharger.
  • Use Diversion when the boss splits so you don’t get chunked by an auto. The enmity resets at that point, so enmity tools are extremely effective.
  • If you have to run to the opposite side for Fundamental Synergy, run back along the outside to get back to the boss faster.
  • If the bosses are positioned correctly during Operational Synergy, there should only be a few disconnects and little uptime loss. You can attack the other boss to keep your combo and gauges flowing, however it will deal zero damage.
  • It does not matter which DPS does melee LB3. Once one boss reaches 1 HP, Packet Filter will fade, allowing one group to attack the other boss.