Black Mage

Job Fundamentals

Black Mage is a caster specializing in high, steady personal damage in place of providing party buffs. The job maintains a cyclical flow of expending MP via long, powerful casts in Astral Fire then swapping to refresh MP in Umbral Ice. While the rotation itself is somewhat simple, utilizing its movement tools and the flexibility built into its rotation to their fullest is key to maintaining uptime and maximizing damage as a Black Mage.

Most Recent Job Changes

Patch 6.4:

XenoglossyPotency has been increased from 800 to 880.
Enhanced Enochian IIIMagic damage increase has been changed from 21% to 23%.
Stats & Materia
Crit BLM: ilvl > Spell Speed (to comfort, generally recommend ~1.3k+) > Crit > Det >= DH OR SpS BLM: ilvl > Spell Speed > Det >= DH > Crit