Black Mage FAQ
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Last Updated: 28 May, 2023
Patch Applicable: 6.4

What is the secondary stat/meld priority?

SpS to comfort first and foremost. Probably around 1.3k SpS is where most people will start to find comfort for now, but if you want to run higher or lower SpS you will likely end up with a fairly comparable set. After that, for a high crit set it’s Crit > Det >= DH. For a high sps set, it’s SpS > Det >= DH > Crit

Do I need both Fire and Blizzard on my hotbars for Paradox?

No, when fulfilling the conditions for Paradox, both Fire and Blizzard are replaced on your hotbars with Paradox, and function the same. So you will only need one available (generally recommended to keep Fire over Blizzard).

Why are there three High Fire II casts instead of two in the AoE rotation?

Despite only needing the first cast to enter Astral Fire, and a second cast to get the Enhanced Flare buff, it’s marginally more potency per second to cast a third instead of going for Flares right away.

How do I use Sharpcast?

The general recommendation at this point is to use Sharpcast on Thunder III. Since the DoT lasts 30s and proc lasts 40s, along with Sharpcast being a 30s cd, you can easily keep up the DoT by sharping every subsequent Thundercloud proc.

Is it okay to use a Thundercloud proc early if I need it for movement?

If you have no other movement options in the given situation, using the proc early is better than losing out on the GCD entirely. However, try to plan better for next time you’re in the situation to have something available for movement, allowing you to use the Thundercloud proc with more proper timing.

What is Umbral Soul used for?

Purely a downtime tool, a better version of Transpose. Lets you build back up to Umbral Ice III + Three Umbral Hearts during downtime, so you can Thunder III -> Fire III when you can hit something again. If you end a fight in Astral Fire, Transpose into UI so you can use Umbral Soul. Do not use Umbral Soul during uptime.

Do I do anything to align with raid buffs/maximize damage dealt within raid buffs?

Often it will be advantageous to align pot uses with the rest of the party. oGCD abilities if used roughly on cd will often keep some semblance of alignment naturally with other buffs. If you can spare a Xenoglossy (or two) for use in raid buffs that you won’t need elsewhere to help keep uptime, it’s a pretty reasonable consideration to do so. Otherwise, BLM will generally fit good spells within raid buffs regardless of alignment–prioritize uptime and solid rotational choices first and foremost.

If I have 2.4k MP left and my Astral Fire phase is about to run out, do I use Fire -> Despair, or only Despair?

You use solely Despair, since it’s the better option on average.

Is Lucid Dreaming useless on BLM?

Outside of niche optimization, it is not used on BLM.

Well, what's a comfy SpS?

If you wanna go fast, go fast. If you wanna go slow, go slow. The rotation works at both extremes. A popular, yet mostly arbitrary number to aim for is ~1.3k+ SpS, but go with what works for you.

Sharpcast (or any oGCD) is available, but I don’t have anything to use to weave it. Do I clip to use it?

Generally, you will want to delay use until the next available weaving window. Situationally, if it means potentially losing any uses or you have an otherwise strong reason to keep it more strictly on CD, then you can clip it (and try to figure out a way to avoid that clip next pull).

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