Black Mage Openers
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Last Updated: 15 Nov, 2021
Patch Applicable: 5.58


Openers should put abilities on cooldown, fit strong spells within buff windows, and minimize clipping. All openers assume there is a pull countdown and the boss is pulled at 0. If your group pulls earlier, adjust them as necessary. Use the highest tier Tincture / Infusion / Potion of Intelligence available.

With all openers being very close in estimated output over the course of the entire encounter, it is instead recommended to choose your opener based on your current spellspeed, with consideration towards potential fight-specific requirements.

JP Opener

Precast: Sharp at -12s and F3 at -4s.

This is a reliable opener for especially high spellspeed sets, because it does not rely on having a polyglot stack available in time for Xeno for filler at the end that other openers utilize. However, in order to ensure that the Thundercloud proc will last long enough to use instead, 3600+ SpS is required. Below this threshold, the Thundercloud proc can fall off losing you a chunk of damage.

Modified JP Opener

Precast: Sharp at -12s, LL at -4s, and F3 at -3s.

This is an extension of the JP Opener which utilizes pre-pull LL use to lower the spellspeed requirement while still taking advantage of not having Xeno available in time for UI filler that you need for other openers. While technically possible around the 1929 SpS tier this variant is mostly recommended as an option for the 2500-3600 SpS range.

No B4 Opener

Precast: Sharp anywhere between -12s and -5s, and B3 at -4s.

This opener is viable at low to moderate spellspeed values, and is usually the most recommended opener to use in the 558-2500 SpS range. Below around 1421 SpS you will need to weave in Swift under Triple in order to get to the Despair in time, as shown here:

Above 2500 SpS, you begin to run into the issue where Xeno will not be available at the end of the opener as pictured, even when not using Swiftcast. At this point, it is still viable to use the No B4 opener by using F3 immediately after the B4 instead of waiting on Xeno. Depending on MP tick timing, sometimes you will only get one MP tick here, and sometimes you will get two ticks, resulting in a variable second AF cycle. Extending out the openers to include these two possibilities:

One tick:

This abbreviated F4x4 -> Despair AF cycle is a bit more immobile/tight on AF timing and might not work out well in a given fight.

Two ticks:

With two MP ticks you have enough MP to do a standard AF cycle.

Double Sharp Opener

Precast: Sharp at -12s, and B3 at -4s.

Good general purpose opener to fall back on, if other openers are not as viable, for whatever reason. The opener is long enough that there is no issue with Xeno being available in UI in time.


The openers above aren’t absolute. Alter them to fit fight requirements. Add Swift after an instant to cover an extra F4 / Despair or hold for fight mechanics.

Do not precast Swift or Triple. This puts you behind a GCD, due to waiting for the Recast before your next Spell. If there’s no pull countdown or you’re unable to precast, then precast Swift is fine.

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