Pictomancer Leveling Guide
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Last Updated: 27 Jun, 2024
Patch Applicable: 7.0

Single Target

Sub-Level 30

Use Fire In Red -> Water In Blue -> Aero in Green. Use Smudge for movement and use the second of free time after your casts to move. Use Tempera Coat to reduce incoming damage during fights.

Level 30 - 50

Use creature Muses for damage. They do more potency in AoE situations than on bosses, but do not let them overcap to save them for AoE situations. If bosses have downtime, cast your Motifs in downtime.

Level 50 - 60

Hammer Motif/Striking Muse should be used on cooldown for damage at this level until otherwise noted later on. There is a 30 second window to use it once it is pressed. Attempt to use that 30s window to also cover movement.

Level 60 - 70

Use Blizzard in Cyan -> Stone in Yellow -> Thunder in Magenta when you have time to stand still for their longer casts.

Level 70 - 80

Use Starry Muse during your opener, then on cooldown. To get the maximum damage inside of buff window, hammer can be used inside of buff for maximum damage, but it is better used for movement if it allows you to maintain uptime where you might otherwise not. Prepare a Muse before buffs, then hardcast another inside of buff windows to get a Moogle inside of Starry Muse.

Level 80 - 90

Use Holy in White for extra movement, and put extras into your Starry Muse over Red/Green casts.

Level 90 - 92

Use Comet In Black after subtractive Palette.

Level 92 - 96

Use Rainbow drip pre-pull at around four seconds. Swiftcast Rainbow Drip before downtime.

Level 96 - 100

After Moogle has been used, two new Motifs can be used to create Madeen, which is higher potency than Mog of the Ages. Try to use Madeen inside of Starry Muse after this has been unlocked.

Level 100

Area of Effect (AoE)

Sub-Level 30

One/Two Target: Fire In Red -> Aero in Green -> Water In Blue Three Targets: Fire II In Red -> Aero In Green -> Water In Blue Four Targets+: Fire II In Red spam

Level 30 - 50

Use Creature Muses and Moogle in AoE. Even hardcasted, they are more potency than the general AoE combo. Use downtime between pulls to prepare Muses.

Level 50 - 54

Use Hammer charges in AoE. It is one of the highest potency abilities in Pictomancer’s kit for AoE damage, as it is a guaranteed direct crit on everything it hits.

Level 54 - 60

One/Two Targets: Fire in Red -> Aero In Green -> Water In Blue Three Targets: Fire in Red -> Aero In Green -> Water In Blue/Water II In Blue 4+ Targets: Fire II In Red -> Aero II In Green -> Water II In Blue

Level 60 - 70

The basic spells remain unchanged. For Subtractive Palette, follow this priority:

One/Two Targets: Blizzard In Cyan -> Stone in Yellow -> Thunder in Magenta Three Targets+: Blizzard II in Cyan -> Stone II In Yellow -> Thunder II In Magenta

Level 70 - 80

Use raid buffs in AoE situations for damage in dungeons when possible. The level 60 priority for Subtractive Palette still applies, as does the level 54 priority for basic AoE spells.

Level 80 - 90

Use Holy in White for AOE damage after Muses have been consumed. Holy is superior to general spam in terms of potency on two or more targets and is always better than Fire/Aero/Water AoE combos.

Level 90 - 94

Use Comet in Black after Creature and Weapon muses if Subtractive Palette is available.

Level 94 - 100

Fire II In Red, Aero II in Green, Water II in Blue are all now gains at four or more targets. Blizzard In Cyan, Stone in Yellow, and Thunder in Magenta are also now gains at four or more targets.

Holy is better in AoE than Subtractive Palette, but Comet is better than Holy. Use Comet instead if Subtractive Palette is available.

Level 100

For Dungeon AoE, use Star Prism after using your raid buff, then do the aforementioned priority system for AoE. For full rotational information at level 100, check out the full basic guide