Pictomancer Openers
The Balance's openers page for Final Fantasy XIV (FF14) reviews the openers from our basic job guide, as well as burst setups for fights.
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Last Updated: 23 Jun, 2024
Patch Applicable: 7.0


The following are openers you can follow at the beginning of the fight to set up the rest of your rotation and burst windows. For more details about the opener, as well as the skills used within, please read the Basic Guide, by Eydis.

Please note: the Creature Muse used before your Mog/Madeen use can be any of Pom/Wing/Claw/Maw, so long as you don’t overwrite the Mog/Madeen by using Wing/Maw before using the saved Mog/Madeen charge.

9 Spell Single Muse Opener

**Please note that you can do these skills in whatever order you please, so long as you fit all of them into the nine spell window. If a fight requires more movement, adjust your hammer and spell order accordingly.**

Pictomancer 9 Spell Single Muse Opener

Burst Windows

The following are examples of burst setups for your two-minute windows. Please note that oGCDs used may vary depending on which portraits are available for each window. For more details about each, as well as their pros and cons, please view the Intermediate Guide (link to guide and relevant section forthcoming).

9 Spell Single Muse Burst

Pictomancer 9 Spell Single Muse Burst

8 Spell Triple Muse Burst

Pictomancer 8 Spell Triple Muse Burst