Red Mage Best in Slot (BiS)
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Last Updated: 26 Oct, 2021
Patch Applicable: 5.58

i530 2.50s GCD Relic BiS

Damage potential between the sets is 2.49 > 2.50 > 2.48, with slight differences between them. Using either 2.49 or 2.48 is recommended for E11S and E12S P2, with 2.49 being slightly higher damage but tighter execution than 2.48.

i530 2.49s GCD Relic BiS

i530 2.48s GCD Relic BiS

i530 2.50s GCD Augmented Crafted Ring BiS (Raid Weapon)

i530 2.48s GCD Raid Ring BiS (Raid Weapon)

i520 Pre-Savage Starter Set

A good set for newbies getting into the tier late, before Endwalker.

TEA i481 2.50 GCD Relic BiS

TEA i481 2.48 GCD Relic BiS