Red Mage FAQ
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Last Updated: 26 Oct, 2021
Patch Applicable: 5.58

Isn't Engagement worse than Displacement?

Engagement is 50 less potency than Displacement, however, unlike Displacement which requires a full weave window, it can be double weaved and is a safer option in many situations. It’s very useful for times where you don’t have a fully-free oGCD window for Displacement, or you cannot use Displacement due to positioning issues.

In a single Manafication cycle, it is possible to get four Engagements, as opposed to only three Displacements. This means that by exclusively using Engagement on cooldown, you will get an equal potency value to if you were to use three Displacements. You can also use this philosophy to alternate between the two, which can result in a potency gain over either aforementioned option.

My melee combo is ready but I still have procs! What do I do?

If you have a proc of your lower Mana, use it before going into your melee combo (i.e. 84|82 with Verfire proc, use Verfire > Veraero to become 95|91 before going into melee combo and get another 100% Verfire from Verflare).

If you have both procs, dump the proc of your lower mana before going into your melee combo (i.e. 80|85 with both procs, use Verstone > Verthunder to become 89|96 before going into melee combo and get another 100% Verstone from Verholy).

If you have a proc of the lower mana, but your mana level is too high to avoid excessive overcap (i.e. 99/97 with Verfire proc), you can use Acceleration to force a proc of the higher mana, as long as it won’t cause you to imbalance.

What do I do if Manafication comes off cooldown and it will cause me to overcap?

It is sometimes unavoidable to overcap your mana when using Manafication. Regardless, it should still be used on cooldown in most situations. Using Manafication at 60|60 will generate the same amount of mana as if you were to use it at 40|40, meaning it will not be a loss to do this. A more detailed explanation for this can be found in the guide.

What should I use Enchanted Reprise for?

As it is a ranged ability, Enchanted Reprise should mainly be used to maintain GCD uptime during movement heavy mechanics. It can also be utilized in a few other areas, including using it to weave oGCDs as they come off cooldown and using it to get an extra GCD before a boss becomes untargetable. It can also be used to dump mana before your Manafication, however with current potencies, this should not be seen as something that “must” be done each cycle.

What GCD Embolden should I use in my opener?

Most party compositions prefer a 3rd GCD Embolden, but there are some comps where a 5th GCD Embolden may be beneficial. An idea as to which jobs prefer which Embolden can be found here.

Should I save Embolden for my melee combo?

No, it is a loss overall. You should use Embolden on either the 3rd or the 5th GCD based on your party composition, and on cooldown from there onwards. The damage you gain from your party members exceeds what you gain from your personal GCDs.

Should we avoid Spell Speed?

It is generally advisable to avoid SpS as much as possible when choosing your gear. Most tiers prefer a 2.5s GCD, but there are also times where a 2.48s or a 2.49s GCD is acceptable.