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Last Updated: 10 Jun, 2023
Patch Applicable: 6.55

How should I use Manafication?

You should be using Manafication on cooldown, or as close to on cooldown as possible. If using it when it comes off cooldown will cause you to overcap your Black or White Mana, you can start a combo first and use it after your three melee hits, as the melee hits and finishers are considered two separate combos by the game. This allows you to use the finishers and the three melee hits from a second combo under the Manafication buff. If fight phasing or predictable killtimes allow you to delay Manafication for Embolden or buffed double combos under potion, you should aim to do this. If these do not apply, however, you should continue to use Manafication on cooldown, as losing a use of Manafication will offset any gain you received by delaying it and will be an overall loss.

Should I use two melee combos under my Embolden?

As Embolden is 20 seconds long, and a full melee combo now takes around 12.7 seconds, it is not possible to fit two full combos under one Embolden. Your priority should be to always use one melee combo under Embolden. If you use Embolden after Enchanted Redoublement, it is possible to fit three finishers as well as a full second combo under Embolden. If you are able to time this with Embolden, it is good practice to do – however, there may be times where your first combo is better used elsewhere, such as if it is needed for movement.

How should I use Swiftcast and Acceleration?

When using Swiftcast it should be used to instantly cast Veraero or Verthunder. The priority for Swiftcast and Acceleration usage is as follows

  • Holding it for mechanics, such as periods of extended movement where Dualcasting would get you killed.
  • For GCD alignment reasons, such as shifting your Dualcast windows to avoid oGCD drift or to line up better with mechanics.
  • Purely for damage, fixing mana, or fishing for procs. This is generally the smallest potency gain. It is only recommended after you have a deeper understanding of the fight and know which specific times you can afford to do this.

What does oGCD alignment mean?

Off-Global Cooldown alignment refers to keeping our oGCDs (primarily Fleche, Contre Sixte, Embolden, and Manafication) aligned with our Dualcast windows. Our oGCD cooldowns are multiples of five and the Global Cooldown is 2.5 seconds, so our oGCDs naturally align with our instant-cast GCDs we gain from Dualcast.

Because of the uneven number of finishers in our melee combo at level 90, every melee combo will cause these windows to flip, causing oGCD drift. Swiftcast and Acceleration will also cause our Dualcast and our hardcast windows to flip. This means that every time we do a melee combo, one use of Acceleration or Swiftcast will “re-align” our oGCDs with our Dualcast windows.

Should I be using Engagement instead of Displacement?

With the potency changes in Endwalker, Engagement and Displacement are now the same potency. Therefore, in the majority of situations, it is now strictly better to use Engagement instead of Displacement. Displacement may still have niche uses, such as for movement when Dualcasting will not be fast enough for what is needed, but will generally not be used aside from this.

Should I use Enchanted Reprise?

With a cost of 5|5 mana, Enchanted Reprise drains a large portion of our Black and White mana and its recast time has been increased to 2.5 seconds. This means that Enchanted Reprise’s only uses will be for movement when all other tools are depleted, and to get one last hit on a boss if there is not enough time for a full Dualcast before it dies.

How should I use Magick Barrier?

Efficient use of Magick Barrier will be fight dependent as well as group dependent. If you are playing with a static, it is best to ask your healers where Magick Barrier would be best used, similar to Addle. If you are playing in a setting with random players, you should use Magick Barrier to mitigate raidwides and other magical damage according to your own judgment. Keep in mind this ability also buffs healing by 5% as well as giving mitigation, which is especially useful in large dungeon pulls.

Please note that unlike Addle, Magick Barrier is a party buff and not a boss debuff. This allows it to mitigate damage from untargetable actors that Addle cannot cover.

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