Red Mage Openers
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Last Updated: 26 Oct, 2021
Patch Applicable: 5.58
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In each opener, the first number refers to which GCD Embolden is used at, and the second refers to which GCD Manafication is used at. For more help on deciding which opener to use, refer to the full guide.

3-8 Opener:

5-8 Opener:

3-10 Opener:

5-10 Opener:

What about Swiftcast?

Using Swiftcast in the opener may not always be the correct play due to the effect it has on your GCD alignment by swapping your dualcast and hardcast windows. Depending on the fight, it may lead to poor alignment with mechanics early on in the fight, or in cases of short phasing, loss of oGCD usages due to abilities coming off cooldown in the middle of a hardcast window. We have opted to exclude Swiftcast from general purpose openers, instead leaving the first usage of swift as an encounter specific decision.

Note that even in fights where an opener Swiftcast is the correct choice, Swiftcast should be held until after the second Fleche for x-8 openers in order to get two Fleches under potion.