Summoner FAQ
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Last Updated: 28 Nov, 2021
Patch Applicable: 5.58

Should I do a 110s rotation? 120s? 60/55?

For full uptime fights, you’ll have to look at your killtime to see if 110s or 60/55 would gain a Demi-Summon usage by the end of the fight. For fights with periods of downtime, check the Summoner channels in the Balance discord for up-to-date encounter rotation recommendations.

Why am I only getting seven Wyrmwaves / Scarlet Flames?

For Demi-Phoenix, double check that you’re not missing the first Scarlet Flame. If you are, double check that you are doing one of the entrance methods from the guide.

For Demi-Bahamut, ensure that you are late-weaving Summon Bahamut and that the last two GCDs are instant casts.

For both, also make sure that:

  • You are not using Enkindle too late into the Demi-Summon window

  • You are not moving a large amount close to the end of the window

  • You are not clipping or otherwise losing GCD uptime