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Last Updated: 16 Feb, 2022
Patch Applicable: 6.0
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General Purpose

The below opener is the general go-to opener for Summoner and uses Titan as the first primal. The initial Searing Light weave will clip your GCD slightly, but this is an acceptable clip. You can also shift Searing Light one GCD later if you need to avoid this clip for any reason.

You do also have the option of cutting the second Ruin III and doing Bahamut immediately as well. Be warned that this runs the risk of ghosting Searing Light, particularly on higher ping, and may cause a forced delay for Bahamut and Searing Light alignment later in an encounter, depending on your SpS value. However, it can be better to do this adaptation in the opener in some circumstances.

Be aware that if you are changing any timings that an optimal Searing Light GCD sequence will change from what is displayed here. Adjust accordingly to whatever timings you choose to pursue.

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Summoner - General Opener

Fast Garuda

The below opener uses Garuda as the first primal, prioritizing Swiftcast to fit Slipstream into your party’s raid buffs. This is a gain when your group is heavy in 15s buffs, as a Swiftcast Slipstream will barely fit into the end of these buffs.

The adjustments mentioned above in the general opener are also valid for this opener, though again be aware that any changes in timings or GCD use will change the exact optimal sequence you may use.

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Summoner - Fast Garuda Opener


A full guide to Endwalker’s version of Summoner is coming soon. In the meantime, here is a quick text snippet of the rotation. The general rotation flow is very simple, and follows like this:

Bahamut -> Primal 1 -> Primal 2 -> Primal 3 -> Phoenix -> Primal 1 -> Primal 2 -> Primal 3 -> Repeat

In each phase, you will have access to several abilities to use. In Demi summons, these are spam abilities that you use a total of six times (Astral Impulse/Flare and Fountain of Fire/Brand of Purgatory). Your Astral Flow button will also transform to Deathflare (Bahamut) and Rekindle (Phoenix) while in a Demi summon. Use Deathflare to deal damage and Rekindle to heal a party member.

In each primal phase, you will gain stacks of elemental aether to use on Gemshine. Use up all the stacks of aether before moving on to the next primal. At level 86 and above, you will also be able to use Astral Flow in the primal phases. The effects of these vary and for the sake of brevity aren’t described here, but you should use all of them before moving on to the next primal.

For a more technical and detailed breakdown, please be patient as the beginner’s guide will be posted very soon!

You can see a video version of the rotation by Elevation Xx (see above for discussion of Garuda first).

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