Healers use a variety of restorative and defensive actions to ensure that the party is always prepared to survive what comes next. They can bring the party back from the brink of disaster, or better yet, prevent disaster from striking in the first place. Healers manage their time, resources, and cooldowns to erase their enemies’ efforts and their allies’ mistakes alike, all while dishing out damage of their own.

Healer Jobs

White Mage is a traditional regen-based healer with a straightforward healing kit centered around powerful direct heals that allows it to excel in reactionary environments. White Mage possesses some of the strongest burst healing options in Benediction and Cure III, and has the highest personal damage of any healer, relying entirely on its own damage instead of party buffs. Good White Mages can utilize the Lily gauge to heal the party while refunding some of the lost damage in Afflatus Misery, one of the single hardest hitting abilities in the game.

Scholar is FFXIV’s pet healer, coordinating its own healing abilities with those of the fairy. It features a high number of oGCD heals, with some of the more powerful abilities consuming Scholar’s most important resource: Aetherflow. While having so many tools can be overwhelming at first, experienced Scholars will find the kit both powerful and flexible, with the ability to efficiently maintain their party while also keeping up their personal damage.

Astrologian is a support-focused healer who has a wealth of supportive abilities that are largely interconnected. The core element for it are its ‘cards’: a random individual DPS buff which in the right hands are a powerful tool to increase the party’s damage reliably and often. Most of an Astrologian’s power is baked into utility and healing spells that are off the global cooldown, and meant to be weaved often and consistently with Combust and Malefic. It provides great benefit for those who are able to actively use these resources, especially those who execute a plan that includes both strict timings and flexible decisions.

Sage is a healer specialized in mitigation and shielding. A number of its spells are augmented by Eukrasia, changing their effects and giving the job a unique feel. With a plethora of oGCD heals, ample weave time, and access to the unique healing mechanic Kardia, which heals a target of your choice on every damaging spell, Sage is able to consistently keep damaging while supporting the party. Optimizing a healing plan around these healing tools will allow players to take their damage to the next level while maintaining the safety of the party.