Job Fundamentals

Astrologian is a support-focused healer who has a wealth of supportive abilities that are largely interconnected. The core element for it are its ‘cards’: a random individual DPS buff which in the right hands are a powerful tool to increase the party’s damage reliably and often. Most of an Astrologian’s power is baked into utility and healing spells that are off the global cooldown, and meant to be weaved often and consistently with Combust and Malefic. It provides great benefit for those who are able to actively use these resources, especially those who execute a plan that includes both strict timings and flexible decisions.

Most Recent Job Changes

Patch 6.1:

View the latest changes for 6.1 at the Official Site, located here!

Stats & Materia
Piety to comfort (if needed) > SpS if you want to hit a certain GCD tier > Crit > Det/DH > SpS