Astrologian Best in Slot (BiS)
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Last Updated: 14 Feb, 2022
Patch Applicable: 6.0

"what is life" (SpS/Crafted) 2.32GCD

For likely only this first tier, SpS is in fact stronger than Crit on average across the board. Use this for pretty much any scenario if you can handle double weaving at 2.09 under Lightspeed. This is locked to folks who play with very low ping, or through use of NoClippy (please use responsibly).

"Pumpkins." (Mix/Crafted) 2.36GCD

This will do a bit less damage than a full SpS build, but offers a bit more Crit for those that wish to go that route. It’s very close to the full SpS build, and is a bit more ping friendly.

"Variance is a Drug" (Crit/Crafted) 2.44GCD

For those with less friendly ping, this will only do slightly less damage on average compared to a SpS build; also for those wishing to fish for high ceiling runs, and are okay with a majority of their runs on average being a little lower.

Note - this will also be your most compatible set with SGE and WHM (SCH can use any of these sets). If you are concerned with playing SGE or WHM primarily with AST secondary to them, use their BiS–AST will fill in with it just fine. For those concerned about MP: don’t. With all the MP refund tools AST has at its disposal, you can die with the 2.32 set and still recover MP. The gearcalc will show you exactly how ridiculously good our MP economy is, if you care to check.

All sets include a crafted ring. If you wish to use the tome ring, we have provided the highest simulated examples in the gear calc: If you wish to do some testing yourself, please feel free to Make a Copy and play with the spreadsheet to your hearts' desires. As always be sure to look at your food. And definitely pay attention to melds this tier.

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