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Last Updated: 26 Oct, 2021
Patch Applicable: 5.58

Which Sect should I use?

Diurnal remains generally very efficient, but buffs to Celestial Opposition and Celestial Intersection reduce the reliance on GCD healing (which is where Nocturnal Sect primarily falls short of Diurnal), and Nocturnal Intersection is very strong. The gap in overall efficiency between Diurnal and Nocturnal Sect is still quite significant, but that shouldn’t put you off of using Nocturnal Sect when the situation calls for it.

What about Macros?


Does not matter what it is. If it’s Star, if it’s cards, if it’s Malefic (heavens no), macros should never be desired. If using any, the goal should ALWAYS be to work out of needing them. Yes, this includes you controller players. I play on it without any macros, you can too.

There is one set of macro types I will excuse under the condition that using them, the player understands:

  1. It is objectively unoptimal and is costing them DPS and performance.
  2. They are training wheels that should be worked out of ideally.
  3. They will likely cause hiccups with queueing at times and discombobulate you.

Which BiS set should I use?

It depends on how much Piety you need, and to a lesser extent how egregious your ping is. I play on 115ms and the 2.30 GCD works perfectly fine. I will clip very slightly in opener depending on what my cards do, and when double weaving Star after an instant, sometimes (depends how nice my tunnel is being). Single weaving Star after a Malefic has been fine. Overall this might lose me (on 115ms), maybe a GCD at worst over a fight, which getting my GCD slow enough to not do this will cost too much damage in other stats.

tl;dr on ping - you might clip a little, it’s still better for your damage than alternatives

As for Piety, only you can know how much Piety you need. This is completely individual and dependent. For reference, the Max Damage Set works for my group in weeklies. I just bring Ethers since if a run goes South, my damage is already suboptimal so I might as well pop an Ether when my Pot CD is back up.

If you are a PF warrior, I recommend this tier taking a slower set with more Piety, unlike last tier.

For BiS, should I use crafted or tome rings?

What’s cute, is you can use both. There are no meld differences between the demarcated “crafted” and “tome” ring sets above. Just swap the ring.

My gear is α, I am currently on β fight, what do I meld?

See the guide on Stat Priority! As a general rule, meld Piety to comfort (as you can tell, for high damage this usually means dodging it), Crit > SpS tiering > DH/Det

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