Astrologian Openers
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Last Updated: 21 Sep, 2022
Patch Applicable: 6.21
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The most up to date Astrologian opener(s) can always be found in the #ast_resources channel on The Balance Discord. Keep in mind that Astrologian openers are extremely flexible and depend almost entirely on the circumstances of the fight, the timings of the planned raid DPS bursts, and party composition. Any premade Astrologian opener is a generic framework, not a universally optimal opener.

We’ve taken a lot of care to evaluate as many of the variables as we reasonably can and identify the core methodology of the most statistically successful opener with regard to when most DPS jobs burst the hardest and when other raid buffs should be coming out, assuming everyone is doing a proper opener. The framework is as follows, with the caveat that the card manipulation skills you use (Redraw, Minor Arcana) will depend on what you draw and when.

Note: for Pandaemonium Savage, Earthly Star is Prepull -4s in every fight.

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