Job Fundamentals

Sage is a healer specialized in mitigation and shielding. A number of its spells are augmented by Eukrasia, changing their effects and giving the job a unique feel. With a plethora of oGCD heals, ample weave time, and access to the unique healing mechanic Kardia, which heals a target of your choice on every damaging spell, Sage is able to consistently keep damaging while supporting the party. Optimizing a healing plan around these healing tools will allow players to take their damage to the next level while maintaining the safety of the party.

Most Recent Job Changes

Patch 6.2:

A 300p shield has been added to Holos.

View the latest changes for 6.2 at the Official Site, located here

Stats & Materia
Critical Hit > Direct Hit/Determination > Spell Speed/Piety