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Last Updated: 22 Jun, 2023
Patch Applicable: 6.45

2.43 Relic Set

2.44 Relic Set

At the cost of a negligible amount of DPS, provides better alignment than the 2.43 set.

2.45 We gave you up (no piety)

Identical to WHM’s 2.45. This is the overall best option for DPS if Piety is not a concern.

2.46 Maybe let you down (mid-pi)

This set is slightly slower and has more Piety. This should fix any MP economy issues you may be having.

2.47 Probably Ran Around (higher piety)

With even more Piety and a slower GCD, this set should give you no problems with MP.

SGE dmg calc

This is the new gear calculator, with all the sets.

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  • 13 Jun, 2023
    Updated for 6.4