Scholar Best in Slot (BiS)
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Last Updated: 26 Aug, 2022
Patch Applicable: 6.2

2.40 Mind-Pie Set

* Safe to run in any environment.
* Perfect for those with no interest in optimizing or a fear of PF.
* Gives a good Chain alignment, but a poor Bio alignment
* 2.40 GCD

2.40 Low-Pie Set

  • This set has slightly lower average damage than the SpS BiS but higher variance due to a higher amount of DH. This may be of value to you if you’re a parser or speedrunner looking exclusively for high roll runs.
  • Gives good Chain alignment and poor Bio alignment
  • 2.40 GCD

2.31 Low-Pie Set

  • This set has the highest average damage of the two BiS sets and is the more consistent one. It has very dangerous MP economy due to the fast GCD and min Piety.
  • Gives good Chain and Bio alignment
  • 2.31 GCD

2.50 Mid Piety DSW set

  • Safe to run
  • This set should be safe to run, but you may need to add extra Piety.
  • Gives a good Chain and Bio alignment, however downtime will mess this up.
  • 2.50 GCD
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