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Last Updated: 8 Jan, 2024
Patch Applicable: 6.5

How can I see my fairy's nameplate in battle?

A. Character Configuration > Control Settings > “Target” tab > Under “Target Settings”, Uncheck “Disable targeting of pets and minions when in battle.”

B. Character Config > Display Name Settings > “Own” tab > Under “Pets” set “Display Name Settings” to “Always” or “During Battle”

Both options must be set this way or your fairy’s nameplate will be hidden.

Placing your Fairy

It’s important to note that Placing your fairy DOES NOT require a weave slot and thus can be done while casting another ability without causing any sort of clipping. For the same reason, macroing Place does not have any of the drawbacks that most combat macros will incur, and many SCHs will use a macro for Place. Several different macros can be useful, but the following is a good general usage one. This macro will allow you to Place and Heel with the same button. It works by setting your fairy to Heel and then bringing up the Place targeting reticle. Simply cancel the Place targeting to keep her on Heel.

/merror off
/pac Heel
/pac Place
/micon "Place" pet

Total Damage Done Inside Chain Windows

Paste this at the end of an FFLogs URL to see how much dps each party member did during Chain. Remember that we only get attributed rdps for non-guaranteed party crits during Chain, so things such as Inner Release/Assassinate/Reassemble DO NOT contribute (nor should they).


Do shields apply faster now?

Yes, shields now begin applying during the slidecast window instead of waiting for the healing to go out. They’ll consistently be applied before the cast itself finishes. This means it’s possible to use Deployment Tactics immediately after Adlo now without it ghosting. Remember that this will still cause you to clip your next GCD if done during uptime, Adlo’s cast is still too long to allow a full weave window.

Is the fairy more responsive now?

Yes, they’ve sped up her response time and how fast she applies her effects/heals. There will still be some delay when double weaving fairy commands, so be aware of that, but we’ll generally be trying to single weave now anyways due to the reduced Broil cast time.

Is pet potency still a thing for SCH?

Yes unfortunately, though it’s significantly better now. In solo play the fairy’s potency is worth ~0.93x player potency, in a party with the full 5% role bonus it’s worth ~0.89x player potency.

Should I still be using Ruin II? If so, when?

Now that we have free weaves with Broil, we want to avoid using Ruin II whenever possible. You should be slidecasting using Broil to get to where you need to be, and single weaving oGCDs after Broil. You can still use natural Bio refreshes to double weave and move longer distances, and Swiftcast can be used to move longer distances in a pinch. If you find yourself badly out of position, or a mechanic simply isn’t able to be dealt with using these methods, you can use Ruin II for the movement rather than just dropping cast. You can also use Ruin II if you absolutely need to get out two oGCDs right away, this can usually be avoided on future pulls with better planning.

Why is my Consolation keybind a second Summon Seraph now?

Summon Seraph now becomes Consolation while Seraph is out, just like Aetherpact becomes Dissolve Union while Fey Union is active. This reduces our needed number of keybinds by 1 which is appreciated since they gave us 2 new abilities that need keybinds without removing any others and our bars are pretty crowded already. To avoid accidentally double clicking the button and spending a Consolation charge you didn’t mean to, there is a 1s CD after hitting Summon Seraph before you can hit Consolation. This doesn’t actually delay how quickly it’s possible for Consolation to go out because she already waited a bit to use it when summoned, but it means you can no longer double weave Summon Seraph and Consolation. Use them as separate single weaves instead.

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