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Last Updated: 17 Jun, 2023
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This document contains suggestions on how to use your cooldowns effectively and small things you can do to maximize them. Ideally, you should communicate with your Co-Healer to make a plan that reduces stress for both of you and maximizes damage between you while being safe.

The Unending Coil of Bahamut (uCOB)


For level 70 Ultimates and Healers, we can mostly get away with using all synced gear with at least ilevel 470. However, if you want to go out of your way to pick up some gear, Orator’s Mortarboard +2, Bonewicca Soother’s Chestpiece, Orator’s Shoes +2, and Bonewicca Ring of Healing are solid options when melded with Direct Hit. Reminder getting these pieces is not necessary and syncing gear down is a 4 DPS loss which truly does not matter.

Moving on to stats if you’re using synced gear go in with three pieces of CRIT/PIETY and the rest can be CRIT/DET, Ultimates ruin any spell speed Alignment so spell speed in Ultimates is mostly to help with mechanics like dodging twisters or to help to get in a GCDs before downtime. You can check your stats when synced for UCoB in O6S with the minimum item level option turned on. For your relic weapon (515/535), you can copy what’s below. Relic is a good damage increase but not 100% needed to clear the fight.

Phase by Phase fight tips


  • You can gain extra LB making it easier to get LB3 for Transition, Deployment Tactics Adloquium 15s before the pull, take the first stack with five non-Tank and a 10% mitigation
  • Warrior and GNB can heal themselves well after a Tank swap with 123 combo + their oGCD healing ability.
  • Your fairy can be moved to the back to give ranged DPS embraces and moved back to the middle for Whispering Dawns
  • It’s important to realize during the second Neurolink your range DPS will be taking baited fireballs and right after can run into the group for the stack. Watch their hp and heal them if they’re too low coming into the stack. If your range DPS isn’t stack bait I suggest they just stay out and you take it with seven people.


  • When the arena begins to change you can start Succor and it’ll heal everyone as you’re getting knocked back.
  • After the second dive bomb you can Adloquium on yourself and spread it off of yourself, this is just in case the first quote mechanic is stack.
  • Placing an early Excog on the Tank taking the first buster will ensure it’s up again for the second and fourth tankbuster.
  • During dive bombs if it’s stack Healers should rescue the third dive bomb back into the group after they bait.
  • Pay attention to your LB leaving Nael, you need Soil, and Fey Illum and your group will also want to hold their mitigation for Seventh Umbral Era if it’s LB2.
  • It’s possible to do Calamity with LB1, so at least attempt to do it. it’s better to try and fail than to wipe when you could have not thrown those prog minutes away.


  • Seventh Umbral Era hits hard, you need shields before it slams down and before Bahamut erupts from it. Tank LB is needed if you pushed fast you could end up with LB2 even with LB cheese at the start but it’s very doable.

  • LB2 needs spam healing, remember LB2 has a longer duration than LB3 so Tanks can pop it earlier mitigating the knockback as well as the Calamitous Blaze.

  • LB3 only needs a burst of healing before the final hit.

  • If you mis-time Succor and you think it may fall off at an awkward time you can use spreadlo to always overwrite bad shields.

  • Saving swiftcast for mechanics where you need to move and heal is needed, try to let your RDM/SMN raise before you and try to hard raise over Swiftcast for prog.

  • The best Swiftcast uses is Black Fire when running to the wall and Heavensfall Trio after the fireball stack.

  • If Swiftcast is down for Blackfire Trio, you can use this example to try to heal everyone.

    How to blackfire without swiftcast

  • During Grand Octet you want to Succor as a stack that can do more than max HP, but if you’re using LB3 to cheese you don’t need to Succor.


  • Tanks take a lot of auto damage in this phase you must be aware of this and not fall behind in healing them because crits happen. Excog should be used on cooldown; Twintania Tank is the best Excog target as she still attacks during quotes.
  • During downtime before Nael and Twintania become targetable I suggest using Adlo on both Tanks and yourself. Once both Tanks lose their initial shield you can spreadlo it off of yourself giving them an extra one.
  • Regens are very valuable while progging your co-Healer keeping regens up on both Tanks helps a lot.
  • During Nael’s quotes the Tank holding Twintania will continue to take autos while the Tank that is holding Nael won’t. Be careful during stack quotes the Twintania Tank can take a surprising amount of damage at once. I suggest using Fey Union on the Twintania Tank during quotes and stopping at a good time afterward so you have enough to give it out for the next quotes. Even with the Fey Union, the bosses can crit meaning multiple crits can chunk your Tank. Pay attention to them and give extra healing if needed or just to be a little safer. losing a few Broils will not cause an enrage however, your Tank dying will 99% of the time cause a wipe.
  • Art of War is a damage gain here but be very careful doing this. You could accidentally hit a hatch, you could bait a tornado wrong or you can get cleaved by Twintania. I suggest just using Broil for prog on the one with the highest HP. This also allows you to keep track and tell your team if one is getting significantly further away.


  • Golden shakes are a thing; even if the phase is easy, it’s easy to psych yourself out. Breathe, focus on dodging Exaflares, applying shields for raid busters, and use your Soil and you will be fine.
  • While Morn Afah does a lot of damage it’s the only damage in the phase your party takes outside of Exaflares. Make good use of your Whispering Dawn and your Co-Healer’s regens to top people between raid busters.
  • Tanks take a lot of damage, use your Excogs effectively and toggle Fey Union to help with autos the Tanks will take during Exaflares or non-invuln tankbusters.
  • When healing non-invuln busters remember that Indom is 400p on each Tank totaling 800p while Lustrate is only 600p on one Tank, make use of Indom when healing both Tanks during shared tankbuster.
  • If you mess up shield timing, remember that your Deployment Tactics will overwrite Succor 100% of the time.

Pros and Cons of Picking a SCH over SGE


  • Whispering Dawn and Soil can be placed and used from anywhere, letting us heal when away from everyone.
  • Excog being on a shorter cooldown than Haima and being able to be put on the Tank in advance is great.
  • Fey Union is a stronger regen than Soteria-powered Kardia and can be toggled on and off to give regen where needed making it more versatile.


  • Instant shields(GCD) saving Swift cast for rezzes if needed, this truly makes Sage a powerhouse over Scholar. UCOB is a fight that was truly made for Sage, this doesn’t mean Scholar isn’t a fine choice it’s just not as good because of this.
  • Kardia is a targeted Embrace, and it helps with Tank upkeep throughout the fight, Soteria can give it a little boost too for heavy auto phases.
  • SGE has access to a pure heal that doesn’t rely on Emergency Tactics which can help if you need to recover
  • Haima is pretty solid for solo Tank upkeep and multi-hit busters.
  • Phlegma and Toxicon can be used for movement.
  • Kerachole beats Soil in mechanics that have the party spread out. Example: Heavens fall if your party tends to be too close to the tower.
  • No ED means they don’t need to balance heals and damage.

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