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Last Updated: 19 May, 2024
Patch Applicable: 6.58


This document contains suggestions on how to use your cooldowns effectively and small things you can do to play each phase as effectively as possible. Ideally, you should communicate with your cohealer to make a plan that reduces stress for both of you and maximizes damage between you while being safe.

The Omega Protocol (TOP)


TOP requires less mana than DSR so you can just use this 2.40 set. The benefits of 2.40 can come from good Chain/Aetherflow alignment and the ability to cast more broils during Pantokrator. That being said once you’re more comfortable with the first phase you will need to start holding at the end so as not to kill Omega too fast so the additional Broils will become more and more worthless.

Phase By Phase Fight Tips

Phase One: Omega

Program Loop

  • Excogitation can be put on a Third-in-Line or Fourth-in-Line player as soon as debuffs go out and it will pop after their max hp debuff falls off.
  • Using Swiftcast for movement early will let it come back up in Panto

Gearing, 2.40 lets you slide cast more of this mechanic but not all of it. Realize when you’re losing pace and use a Ruin II. Part of the trick here is to move up two puddles worth during the free movement of Ruin II so that you have an easy time on the next slidecast, but don’t grief with the puddle.

Pantokrator & Wave Cannon Kyrios

  • Use Recitation, Deploy, and Expedient before moving out and use Seraph for healing during the mechanic. If you have enough mit you won’t need to Consolation until after the second set of missiles/stacks.
  • You can use Soil somewhere early in this mech and everyone should have the mitigation for all damage unless they’re doing something weird or your strat sends spreads outside of the bosses hitbox.
  • While progging, I highly suggest you hold if you’re going to kill too fast. Bringing DPS into p2 will make it much easier to beat the check if you’re way ahead of the check in Omega.

Phase Two: Omega-M/F


  • Dot does not work on anyone you’re firewalled against so do not double dot.
  • It’s best to have three strong DPS on one boss with your highest dealing tank and the rest on the other boss. This lets you put Chain and other targeted raid buffs on the boss with 3 dps maximizing its value vs two DPS.
  • Art of War is a 65 potency gain over Broil IV and Bio is 70 damage per tick so it’s better to Bio first in the opener.
  • Soil is excellent for double tank busters, giving 10% mitigation on both tanks with powerful regen on both
  • It’s free to end this first uptime phase with a Swiftcast Broil to guarantee it doesn’t ghost

Party Synergy

  • Just Succor before each hit during this downtime mechanic
  • Dissipation will come back around the knockback if you use a Dissipation first opener. If you use this, make sure to drain your Aetherflow gauge since Aetherflow ability will be almost off CD.

Limitless Synergy

  • Scholars have an easy time with stacking flares as they can use Spreadlo during Limitless Synergy and Hello World first tower. Use your first Spreadlo halfway through the Limitless Synergy cast and it’ll last long enough and come back for Hello World’s first tower.
  • Stacking flares is easy for Scholars as long as your group uses all non-targeted mitigation. Seraph can also be used after the tank buster to cover meteor and the aoe afterward. Doing so will make Seraph come back up for the second set of towers in Hello, World.
  • Soil can be used once flare markers show up and will last through Cosmo Memory.

Phase Three: Omega Reconfigured


  • Make sure to use a Succor after Omega-F dies before people spread out
  • Another Succor can be cast at the end of the transition before Final Omega becomes targetable

Hello, World

  • You’ll want enough shields and mitigation on each set that you don’t need to heal during sets.
  • You should be going center for every set so you can Succor the party
  • Recitation Deploy can be used for the first set and will be ready to use for P4
  • Seraph can be used to cover sets two and three and will come back at the start of P4
  • Abuse other remote healing/mitigation options such as Fey Illumination, Whispering Dawn, and Fey Blessing while the party is spread out


  • Requires no mitigation, only does about 50k damage. Just make sure the party has enough HP
  • You can use Art of War if your monitor resolves at an awkward time to keep your GCD rolling

Phase Four: Blue Screen

Wave Cannon

  • Recitation Deploy can be used in the downtime between P3 and P4 and will be back for P5.
  • Use Summon Seraph early on in this phase so that it comes back in the second half of RDD.
  • Soil used near the end of the Wave Cannon castbar will cover stacks one and two and be back for Blue Screen

Blue Screen

  • Succor and Sacred Soil. Ensure party is full HP.

Phase Five: Run: Dynamis

Run: Dynamis (Delta)

  • Use shields when Omega-M and Omega-F disappear during the transition so that they’ll last through the RDD hit.
  • Highly recommend Recitation Deploy is used after the RDD hit to help make healing easier during the actual mechanics
  • Whispering Dawn used when the Code Smell debuffs expire/first Blue Tether breaks can easily hit everyone if they stand close to the Eye laser and ensures everyone is healthy for Monitors/Pile Pitch
  • Fey Blessing and Consolations provide position agnostic healing after Monitors. This is very helpful for when healers have movement restricted due to their mechanics
  • Use Succors during this mechanic when you’re standing still and there are unshielded party members, it’s free
  • Excog and single-target tank CDs can be used on a squishy party member during this mechanic for safety.

Run: Dynamis (Sigma)

  • Succor between each hit of this mechanic
  • Whispering Dawn is easy to get on everyone while waiting to be knocked back
  • Fey Blessing is useful to hit everyone after towers
  • If mitigating Solars 3 and 4, I recommend placing Soil center as HWs go off if it’s not needed for the RDO hit
  • During the Dynamis mechanic of Sigma, prep Recit when you get in position. When the far/close worlds go off, you can Adlo yourself and Spreadlo. This will help tanks for the buster if they need it and it will shield Run: Dynamis (Omega).

Run: Dynamis (Omega)

  • If mitigating this Solar Ray you can Reci Deploy off the tank taking the second hit to shield the party for RDO and keep the tank taking autos healthy
  • Excogitation, Whispering Dawn, Fey Union, and Sacred Soil are all useful for keeping the tank taking autos healthy during the clone dodges
  • Try to Succor for each Hello World hit, but it shouldn’t be vital
  • Fey Blessing and Consolation again provide easy-to-use healing between Hello World sets
  • You can pre-place Soil at the end of the Run: Dynamis (Omega) to mit busters at the end of the mechanic, feel free to Adlo a tank at the end of the mechanic too. You must do it near the end of Run: Dynamis (Omega) to make sure it’s up for Blind Faith if you’re using it for it.
  • Tanks that take the Blaster tethers will require healing since they’re set to 1% HP
  • Make sure to Succor for Blind Faith

Phase Six: Alpha Omega

General Soil tip

  • You can use macros for Soil to help with brain space. It’s strongly recommended to use a target Soil macro for Cosmo Meteors to get it directly middle allowing everyone to be inside of it.
  • Since the Soil changes, using macros for the entire phase leaves brain space room and it’s very effective for every mechanic it’s on.

Cosmo Memory

  • Doesn’t need much additional mit to be survivable. Only use Soil here to help with the healing

Cosmo Dive 1

  • Pre-shield can be done when the second auto-attack occurs after Cosmo Memory
  • Seraph can be used to cover both this and the first hits of Wave Cannon 1, and will then be back for Cosmo Meteor. The easiest way to time this is to Summon Seraph when Cosmo Dive begins casting and use the first charge immediately. Use the second charge when the second autoattack after Dive occurs

Wave Cannon 1

  • Preshield can be done when the second autoattack occurs after Cosmo Dive 1
  • This is a good spot to use Recitation Deploy as it will be back for Cosmo Meteor. I recommend just using it before moving out to dodge exaflares, as it can be tight to get Deploy out on everyone after proteans, but if you need it to survive the stack it can be done
  • Abuse Ruin 2 as needed to move for exaflares
  • Sacred Soil placed middle after exaflares should let everyone stand inside it safely for both proteans and the stack

Wave Cannon 2

  • Preshield can be done when the second autoattack occurs after Wave Cannon 1
  • This is also a good spot to use Recitation Deploy. Use Recit as you get to your spot for Wave Cannon 1 and use Adlo around the tank autos. Same rules apply as Wave Cannon 1’s Recit Deploy.
  • Fey Blessing can be used right after proteans before people move in to range

Cosmo Dive 2

  • Preshield can be done when the second auto-attack occurs after Wave Cannon 2
  • Again, abuse Ruin 2 for exaflare movement as needed

Cosmo Meteor

  • Preshield the party while stacked mid for the Cosmo Meteor baits. It’s effective for literally any other healer to go mid that isn’t you.
  • Summon Seraph is also highly recommended here. Use Consolation after the first set of meteor spreads and after the second set of meteor spreads to maximize effectiveness. Summon Seraph itself can be used while moving out to your spot after doing the mid baits
  • Swift Succor and Indom can both be done between second meteor spreads and flare/stack for safety. This can require more brain space as you need to run middle and heal.
  • You should Spreadlo for flares

Magic Numbers

  • The party only needs to be full hp for these, and they should always be full hp for the second one due to Healer LB3. Use any oGCDs available to help heal the party before the first one, and consider using Sacred Soil for safety.
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