White Mage

Job Fundamentals

White Mage is a traditional regen-based healer with a straightforward healing kit centered around powerful direct heals that allows it to excel in reactionary environments. White Mage possesses some of the strongest burst healing options in Benediction and Cure III, and has the highest personal damage of any healer, relying entirely on its own damage instead of party buffs. Good White Mages can utilize the Lily gauge to heal the party while refunding some of the lost damage in Afflatus Misery, one of the single hardest hitting abilities in the game.

Most Recent Job Changes

Patch 6.3:

Assize cooldown changed to 40s.

White Mage Best in Slot (BiS)
Patch: 6.55
Updated: 29 Jan, 2024
Stats & Materia
Magic Damage >> Mind >> Crit > SpS to GCD tier > DHit/Det