White Mage Best in Slot (BiS)
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Last Updated: 3 Feb, 2023
Patch Applicable: 6.3

2.44 Mid-Piety TOP prog set

This set is identical to the 6.2 Mid-Piety Set but swaps most of the DH melds to Det.

2.40 Mid-piety TOP prog set

This set has a bit faster SpS to help with slidecasting Panto, this in combination with the DoT refresh and Lillies makes Panto extremely comfy for WHM.

2.42 GCD Slow BiS

This is the slowest of the 3 Min-Piety BiS sets, its higher GCD may be more comfortable for those on higher ping. This set also has the highest DHit for those looking to farm Crit/DHit runs. Unlike the other sets, this set uses Carrot Pudding as it’s preferred food. Min-piety sets are only designed for use in controlled environments with minimal GCD healing and raising.

2.40 GCD Slow BiS

This set offers is mostly identical to the 2.42 min-piety set but has slightly more spellspeed, slightly lower DHit, and uses Garlean Pizza instead of Carrot Pudding, but the expected damage is the same. This set is identical to the 2.40 SCH BiS for more comfortable job swapping. Min-piety sets are only designed for use in controlled environments with minimal GCD healing and raising.

2.33 GCD Fast BiS

This set is considerably faster than the other min-piety sets and has the lowest DHit. This set has the least PoM drift of the BiS sets, but the lowest amount of DHit. Its expected damage is still identical to the other min-piety sets. Min-piety sets are only designed for use in controlled environments with minimal GCD healing and raising.

2.42 GCD Low-Piety

This set sacrifices a tiny bit of damage for slightly more piety. It offers a bit more leeway with GCD healing and raising, but not enough for constant raising and deaths.

2.44 GCD Mid-Piety

This set is a fantastic set for all content as it has enough piety for substantial amounts of GCD heals or recovery from death. It does have the least damage of the listed sets as is expected for higher-piety sets.

2.45 High Piety set DSWU set

This is a higher piety set aimed for people progging for the first time especially if you are running the 233 P& strat which requires substantially more GCD healing. This set also gives more wiggle room for raises. You can addd or remove piety melds as you progress, or look to one of the higher damage sets.

2.45 Low piety set DSWU set

This is a higher damage set mostly aimed at people running the 611 P7 strategy or for reclears. This set should be avoided if you are progging and using a 233 P& strat.

Old Ultimates

TEA Prog set (linked)

2.42 GCD | 1364 Piety
Flexible set able to accommodate a wide range of Piety levels and two different GCDs. Standard setup uses Smoked Chicken for 2.42, you can use Twilight Popoto Salad for 2.41 or Golden Pineapple Juice for some extra Piety. You can put Piety instead of Det on Relic if desired (in any amount you want) and the Piety melds can be stripped out for Det/DH if you feel you want to go lower. (Existing Det melds can be swapped to DH too).

Edenmorn Chest is BiS, use 520 Nier or Augmented Deepshadow otherwise.

TL;DR: Use this as a starting point and adjust to comfort.


The damage checks in UWU and UCOB are trivial with current gear, food and potions. The biggest gear upgrade by far is the 515 or 535 relic, as you can cap multiple substats, but again they are hardly required. I personally recommend 1k+ Piety for prog, with your remaining gear prioritizing Crit > Det/SpS wherever possible. Don’t worry about getting perfect stats, they won’t make a difference for anything but rank one.

The Weapon’s Refrain (UWU)

Gear at item level 470 and above will cap both substats.
Relic stats: 318 Crit, 318 Det, 318 SpS, 213+ Piety

The Unending Coil of Bahamut (UCOB)

Gear at item level 418 and above will cap both substats.
Relic stats: 280 Crit/Det/SpS/Piety

Gear Calc

Disclaimer: MP uptime on the sheet is higher than in reality, for example the recommended low-piety sets appears to run out of mana around ~9:30 where sheet says 13:06. The speed sets listed in this calc run out of mana before most average parties can kill bosses, so they should absolutely only be used in organized speed runs if you are positive you can get away with the mp drain. You can check it out here.
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