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Last Updated: 14 Feb, 2022
Patch Applicable: 6.0

How should movement and weaving be handled?

White Mage (WHM) is one of the least mobile jobs in the game, and so planning movement is critical to success. Below is a list of available options; keep in mind that it’s heavily subjective based on the encounter and your party.

  1. Pre-position with slidecasts and natural Dia refreshes
  2. Natural Dia refresh (< ~3s remaining), slidecast, or Swiftcast + Glare (not clipped, always consider holding for raise in prog)
  3. Rapture that does useful healing, Misery
  4. Regen that does necessary healing (rare in Savage and below)
  5. Overheal Lilies
  6. Dia outside natural refresh (almost always avoidable)

Extended movements involve a combination of these roughly in order of priority, and a lot of movement can be minimized with proper prepositioning utilizing a combination of Dia and slidecasting.

Useful healing in this context means healing that cannot be covered by your or another healer’s oGCDs.

How do I use lilies?

How do I use Lilies?: Lilies are used for healing, movement and MP control, as they are free instant cast spells with equivalent potency to a glare.

Three Lilies and a Misery is equal in potency to four Glare III’s on a single target and a damage gain over Glare III when used in buffs or in multi-target. Lilies should generally be used for healing while aiming to have at least one Misery in each two-minute buff window. Lilies can also be used in downtime where they are effectively free extra Glare III’s.

Why are PoM and Assize used later in the opener?

Presence of Mind and Assize are held until 3rd/4th GCD raid buffs to maximize damage under raid buffs like Trick Attack, however they can be used earlier if you end up losing a cast or can get better alignment with add phases, etc.

How do I heal dungeons?

Your dungeon priority isn’t terribly different from your typical damage priority, in general you’ll Regen and Divine Benison to keep the tank healthy while gathering mobs, Dia on multiple mobs while running, drop Asylum where tank will be stopping, and Holy III once the tank has stopped.

Holy III still has a full 2.5s cast so weaving additional mitigation and healing is typically done via Solace or Regen once the tank starts taking damage. Lilies should be used between packs as often as possible to maximize Misery and Holy casts on larger pulls.

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