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Last Updated: 27 Oct, 2021
Patch Applicable: 5.58

How should movement and weaving be handled?

White Mage (WHM) is one of the least mobile jobs in the game, and so planning movement is critical to success. Below is a list of available options; keep in mind that it’s heavily subjective based on the encounter and your party.

  1. Pre-position with slidecasts and natural Dia refreshes
  2. Natural Dia refresh (< ~3s remaining), slidecast, or Swiftcast + Glare (not clipped, always consider holding for raise in prog)
  3. Rapture that does useful healing, Misery
  4. Regen that does necessary healing (rare in Savage and below)
  5. Overheal Lilies
  6. Dia outside natural refresh (almost always avoidable)

Extended movements involve a combination of these roughly in order of priority, and a lot of movement can be minimized with proper prepositioning utilizing a combination of Dia and slidecasting.

Useful healing in this context means healing that cannot be covered by your or another healer’s oGCDs.

Should Afflatus Misery be used every 90s?

No. Building Blood Lily stacks and using Afflatus Misery is a loss over rolling Glare casts.

Glare > Glare > Glare > Glare = 4 GCDs for 1200p
Rapture > Rapture > Rapture > Misery = 4 GCDs for 900p

When should Afflatus heals be used?

For a simple and easy-to-remember rule of thumb for Lilies, try to get it to do two of the following three things:

  1. Needed effective healing
  2. Weaving oGCDs (bonus points for double weaving!)
  3. Movement
  4. Downtime

Which doesn’t mean “don’t use Lilies if you don’t meet two of these” (especially if one is the heal!) - but do try to. What will actually be optimal in any given moment will likely come down to encounter specific rotations anyways. It is perfectly fine to sit on three Lilies if you haven’t needed them for one of the above reasons.

Afflatus as a mechanic is an all-or-nothing thing!

The DPS benefits of Afflatus heals go down the drain if you never get the Misery off. If you don’t use the Misery, all Afflatus casts become just like standard GCD heals.

However, you can and should sit on Misery for any of the following uses as the fight allows for:

  • Weave window for oGCDs
  • Movement window for mechanics
  • Raid buff alignment windows for extra damage return
  • You want to use an Afflatus heal and will get off another Misery over the course of a fight.

Should Afflatus heals be prioritized over other healing spells?

Reach for Afflatus heals before other GCD heals like Cure II and Cure III. Afflatus heals vs. oGCD heals will depend on how much healing potency you need, and if you’re going to clip to apply them.

Is X Cane better than Y Cane?

As of patch 5.55:
535 Relic > Edenmorn Cane > Augmented Cryptlurker Cane >= Diamond Zeta Cane >= 515 Relic Cane > Emerald Cane > 510 relic cane >= Cryptlurker Cane >= Augmented Exarchic Cane

Still not sure what to grab? Use the gear calculator!

Which stats should I put in the 515 Relic?

Generally, follow the same stat priority as always. So Crit > Det > SpS for 510 Crit/Det, 147 SpS.

It’s not BiS, so if you’re going for EXACT tiering things, use Etro / the gear calc with your current gear, as I won’t be working out sets around this relic step.

Which stats should I put in the 535 Relic?

The BiS sets listed in Best In Slot have relic stats allocated! If you’re not quite BiS yet, simply follow the standard stat priority of Crit > Det > SpS, or use the relic stats of the BiS set you’re shooting for.

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