White Mage Leveling Guide
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Last Updated: 30 Oct, 2021
Patch Applicable: 5.58

The Walter White Mage Leveling Guide

Written by Eva Izunia (Goblin)

Leveling White Mage allows you access to some of the smoothest dungeon runs in the game, due to the supremely high damage output when crowd controlling enemy groups and the nature of the job in general.

But to get there, you must first begin on the road.

Unlocking White Mage is done upon reaching level 30 with the Conjurer class and completing the quest Seer Folly after completing the MSQ quest Sylph-management.

Words of Note

Playing a Healer in Final Fantasy XIV is different than what you expect in many similar games. Ideally, you want to be doing as much damage as possible, and as little healing as possible. The damage of White Mage is generally extremely high (especially later with a spell learned at level 45!)

White Mage is what’s known as a “Regen" or “Pure” Healer, meaning most of their healing either comes from regenerative (‘regen’) spells, or direct healing from their spells and abilities.

The other “Pure” healer would be Astrologian (as of Patch 6.0), who also relies on direct regen/pure healing, unlike the “Shield” healers of Scholar and Sage, who rely on preventing damage from happening in the first place.

One thing that should be important to note as a healer is that you will generally not be healing everyone at the same time. In normal content, most of the damage will be going to one person, and one person only (the tank) and ideally, only in cases where an attack comes out that hits every person will you need to divert your attention away from your tank.

General Leveling Tips

Leveling from 1 - 80 in FFXIV can be daunting at first, but as long as you understand that you will not be able to level to max in one day, and keep at it at your own pace; you should get by just fine.

Sources of EXP can usually be broken into four categories.

  • Repeatable - Can be repeated ad infinitum every single day, as many times as you wish per day.
  • Daily - Can be done once per day, and generally give a decent amount of EXP. These can be your roulettes. Standout roulettes include Main Scenario (Level 50) & your PvP-oriented Frontline (Level 30). These roulettes can give an incredibly large amount of EXP, oftentimes giving half of a level each.
  • Weekly - These, as the name implies, reset every week and usually give the greatest amount of EXP possible. Standouts include Wondrous Tales and the Challenge Log. These combined can both give an entire level (and then some) depending on your current Armory Bonus, level, buffs, etc.
  • One-time - These EXP sources are once and you’re done deals, meaning if you complete them on one job, you will not be able to do them again. Standouts include the MSQ and Sidequests. The MSQ itself will easily level you to 80 as long as you follow it with the job of your choosing all the way through.

Some things to help you along are buffs you can apply.

  • Free Companies: can give out The Heat of Battle I/II, which increases your EXP gain from killing monsters by 15%.
  • Food: Buffs will increase EXP earned by 3%.
  • The Road to 70: will increase EXP earned by 100% if you created your character on a preferred world, and 90 days have not elapsed since the creation of your character.
  • Armory Bonus: (100%) applies when you have a job over the current level of whatever you are playing at that very moment. So, for instance, a level 32 White Mage will gain more EXP if you also have a level 57 Red Mage.

Levels 1 to 30

Skills, Spells & Abilities (1 to 30)

At first, you will be limited to a very basic set of actions, including:

[Lvl 1] Stone

Stone is your main filler spell for whenever you’re not casting anything else. You use Stone (or whatever variant you may have at your level) to deal damage to enemies.

[Lvl 2] Cure

Cure is as simple as it gets. One cast of this spell will heal your current target. Obviously, you use this spell whenever someone (or you) is in need of healing. It has a secondary effect which we will get into later.

Please keep one thing in mind with this ability.

This ability WILL BE largely replaced upon reaching level 30. Do not get comfortable with it.

[Lvl 4] Aero

Aero places a Damage over Time (henceforth known as a DoT) on the target for 18 seconds, dealing 30 potency for each “tick*” of the damage inflicted.

You want to keep this spell active on your enemy target at all times, recasting it every 15 or so seconds.

* (DoT ticks happen every 3 seconds.)

[Lvl 8] Repose

Repose is very, very seldom used, and is shared across all healers in the game. This spell simply puts your target to sleep. Keep in mind however, that after 30 seconds, or upon taking damage, they will wake up and attack you. For this reason the spell is seldom used in most content.

[Lvl 10] Esuna

Esuna is another spell that is shared across all healers, and it acts as a debuff removal tool. 

Whenever a player is inflicted with a debuff (like poison), use Esuna to get rid of their debuff, and to save yourself a headache.

Keep in mind, only specific debuffs can be removed. These are indicated by a blue line above the icon for the debuff:

[Lvl 10] Medica

Medica is your first Area of Effect heal (henceforth known as AoE) that heals for slightly less than Cure, but affects you and everyone around you in a 15 yalm radius. 

[Lvl 12] Raise

Raise has an incredibly long cast time, but revives your currently selected target from the dead, allowing them to fight once more.

One should note however that when the player returns to life, they will be at low HP, so healing them should be a relatively high priority so they don’t die immediately after.

[Lvl 15] Fluid Aura

Fluid Aura should be removed from your hotbar.

[Lvl 18] Stone II

Stone II is a direct upgrade from the previous “Stone” and simply does more damage. Use it the same way you would use Stone.

[Lvl 18] Swiftcast

Swiftcast is an ability shared across all casters in the game, and simply makes the next spell you cast have no cast time (instant). Typically, you want to save this for emergency scenarios, such as reviving a player using Raise or as a last resort for when you need an extra bit of healing with any GCD heal, but it can also be used on Stone/Glare or Holy for movement if you don’t expect to need it for an emergency.

[Lvl 24] Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming is another ability shared by all casters in game, and it restores 500 MP every 3s for 21s, for 3500 total MP.

Typically, you want to use this whenever your MP is at 8500 or less as to avoid bottoming out your MP, and leading to situations where you can’t heal or cast because you’ve used up all your MP.

Conjurer Rotation and Leveling (1 to 30)

To begin, your gameplay will be extremely bare bones and basic, and you should be focusing on casting Aero every ~15 seconds to refresh the damage over time effect, continuously casting Stone for your damage and casting Cure whenever health totals are dropping.

A word of note however: one common pitfall of healing in Final Fantasy XIV is the mindset of keeping everyone at 100% HP at all times. 

Do not do this. There is no need to keep everyone completely healed at all times, the sole requirement is to keep everyone alive. However, do not take this as a go-ahead to play limbo with your health totals, as this will lead to many fumbles in the future.

Keep calm and just keep an eye on your party’s (or your own) HP.

When it comes to leveling in general, for your first class/job, it’s imperative that you do your Main Scenario Quests, as the EXP these give you will easily level you from 1 - 80 doing them alone.

That said, and this goes for every block of leveling; spamming your highest level dungeon is usually the best way to gain the most EXP if you’re out of dailies/weeklies to do. (As of patch 5.58, this may change with the release of Endwalker.)

Levels 30 - 50

Upon reaching level 30 and completing the quests mentioned above, you will finally unlock the job White Mage. Upon completing the quest prior, you will unlock your new spell Cure II, which we will get into.

From 30 to 50, White Mage changes a great deal, and it can be daunting at times to understand it all. 

This guide acts as a way to get you started before you lose your mind leveling. 

Skills and Spells (30 - 50)

White Mage truly opens its kit starting from 30, and it will only continue to expand from there. However, some skills become a bread & butter of your playstyle and that can help immensely in learning the class.

First off, let’s go over your new skills.

[Lvl 30] Cure II

For the sake of all that is holy, please ALWAYS cast Cure II for your single target burst healing. At level 32, you unlock a trait called Freecure, which gives a 15% chance to proc a free use of Cure II after casting Cure.

This is not worth it. Cure II should ALWAYS be your go-to burst healing spell once you’re above level 30. Freecure is a trap, an evil trap to bait new healers and prevent them from having their healing output be useful.

What may arise, however, as Cure is 400 MP and Cure II is 1000, is that you may have an MP deficit. This can be easily solved by slowing down your healing. Remember that as long as your party isn’t dead, everything is fine. 

To reiterate, please use Cure II instead of Cure for almost all scenarios. 

[Lvl 30] Presence of Mind

Presence of Mind is your first exclusive WHM ability and it decreases your GCD and cast times by 20% for 15s, allowing you to do a bit more damage every 2.5 mins.

[Lvl 35] Regen

Regen heals for a cure potency of 200 every 3 seconds for 18s. Regen is your go-to tank upkeep spell for a long while; placing this spell on your Tank during dungeons can almost single-handedly heal them. Combine this with a general upkeep of casting Cure II whenever your Tank does take enough damage and it’s nigh unstoppable.

[Lvl 40] Cure III

Cure III may at first lead you to believe there is a pattern, but no.

Cure III is a large 550p AoE heal with a small 6 yalm radius, making it a good spell for emergency or burst healing when a lot of damage is going out and the party is stacked. This spell doesn’t see much use in leveling content since people are mostly all over the map, and Medica II at level 50 has more total potency and range.

[Lvl 44] Surecast

Surecast is an ability that’s shared among all casters, and makes you immune to having your spells interrupted for six seconds as well as making you immune to mechanics that knock you back or draw you in. 

(Example: Leviathan)

[Lvl 45] Holy

Once more, an amazing spell.

Holy alone changes White Mage completely. This is your first AoE spell that deals damage, but not only that, it stuns all enemies that were hit for four seconds. This can stack up to seven seconds.

So if done correctly this spell can single-handedly make your Tank immune to all damage for seven whole seconds, and the damage it does is nothing to scoff at either. Holy is an absolutely incredible spell for dungeon runs, and should be spammed during them whenever you have multiple enemies.

[Lvl 46] Aero II

Aero II acts as a direct upgrade to the original Aero spell.

[Lvl 48] Rescue

Rescue is… Dangerous.

Rescue is a role action shared by all healers and it drags your targeted party member to you. Be careful when using it or risk drawing the ire of your party.

Really, just use it when someone is standing inside an AoE when it is obvious they cannot make it out of danger in time.

[Lvl 50] Benediction

Benediction is a massive single target healing ability that restores 100% of your target’s HP. While this may seem like an emergency button for sudden spike damage, it’s best used as a planned heal, allowing you to continue dealing damage with Stone/Holy while the tank’s health drops, and then fully healing the damage with Benediction. Keep in mind that Benediction (and all other heals) have a slight delay in heal application, so don’t let your tank drop too low before using it!

[Lvl 50] Medica II

Medica II is not an “upgraded” version of the original Medica, but should be treated as such.

Medica II has a larger radius than Medica and applies a 100 potency regen effect for 15s for a total of 500 potency. The initial heal is smaller than Medica, but in total it’s a larger heal than Cure III and will cover most of your AoE healing into the 70s.

Medica II is almost always better than Medica on account of the extra potency, but in the event Medica II is already ticking and the party needs healing, Medica or Cure III remain good options.

Rotation and Leveling (30 - 50)

White Mage at this level can be explained as a “regen and forget” healer. The regen capabilities are so powerful at this level that you can be carried by them. Try not to use them as a clutch, however, as this will change upon hitting higher levels.

If you’re above level 45, when pulling large mob packs, spam the ever living life out of Holy, as it will stun the group for seven seconds, allowing for a pseudo-seven second immunity for your Tank.

Otherwise, it’s safe to just throw a Regen on your Tank, and occasionally cast Cure II should the need arise. In any other case, cast Stone II while making sure you have uptime with Aero/Aero II.

As for tips with leveling, make sure to do your leveling roulette every day, and spam those dungeons.

Levels 50 to 70

Upon reaching level 50, you now have access to your tomestone gear (assuming you’ve completed ‘A Realm Reborn’ and have the sufficient tomestones for trading!) and can access the vast majority of your roulettes.

On top of this, WHM also learns skills that make their life even easier upon reaching the higher levels, such as access to their Lilies, more burst healing options, even more regen and a way to conserve MP.

Skills and Spells (50 - 70)

[Lvl 52] Afflatus Solace

Congratulations, you just earned your first Lily spell. Afflatus Solace adds a new gauge to your screen which fills up one Lily every 30 seconds, and you can use said Lilies on spells beginning with “Afflatus.” These spells are instant cast, which allow you to have easier access to instant heals, rather than a delay as you wait for Cure II to finish casting.

(Ignore the “Nourishes the Blood Lily” part, that will come later).

[Lvl 52] Asylum

In a rare moment, you actually learn two spells at level 52, the second being Asylum, which is a ground-targeted AoE Regen. It places a big dome which gives a regen to anyone within its radius. Although this is an AoE heal, in dungeon pulls it should be used as free extra healing for the tank.

[Lvl 54] Stone III

Stone III is another Stone upgrade.

[Lvl 56] Assize

Assize is an oGCD ability that does double duty, in the sense that it both heals nearby party members and deals damage to nearby enemies.

Not only that, but it also restores 500 MP on use.

Assize is mostly used on cooldown for damage and MP, the healing component can mostly be seen as some free extra healing, though you can often delay other heals if the party or tank needs healing and Assize will be off cooldown soon.

[Lvl 58] Thin Air

Thin Air is a buff given to yourself which lasts for 12 seconds and makes every spell you cast completely free. 

This can be used during Holy spam, to go light on your MP, or when using a high cost spells, such as Cure III or Raise.

[Lvl 60] Tetragrammaton

Tetragrammaton is a large single target oGCD heal and can be used on anyone that needs additional single target healing in a free weave slot. Much like Benediction, it can be tempting to save this spell for emergencies but it’s best used as a standard planned heal whenever it’s off cooldown and someone (usually the tank) needs healing.

[Lvl 64] Stone IV

Stone IV is another Stone upgrade!

[Lvl 66] Divine Benison

Divine Benison is an ability that breaks the rules of WHM, allowing WHM to for a brief moment become a shield healer.

This ability is typically thrown on the active tank to help mitigate tank damage or as just a general “on cooldown” spell to keep your own sanity as the damage it mitigates is sizable.

[Lvl 70] Plenary Indulgence

Plenary Indulgence is an ability that is strangely worded. 

What this ability does is that when cast, all party members within a 20 yalm radius receive a buff called “Confession.” This buff will then heal them for a potency of 200 upon casting any of your AoE heals, which includes Medica, Medica II, Cure III, or Afflatus Rapture (later in the guide).

Plenary is essentially a doubler for your AoE heals, which allows them to heal for just that bit more, sometimes needed for massive raidwide attacks.

Rotation and Leveling (50 - 70)

With the addition of Afflatus Solace to your toolkit, White Mage becomes an even more lenient job in terms of healing. Lilies build up over time and you can use them whenever you have one up in place of a GCD heal to keep your damage uptime and keep people healed. 

Assize allows you even more burst options in terms of your damage and healing, as well as serving as another way to regain MP should Lucid Dreaming be unavailable.

Asylum acts as another piece to your “Regen and forget” repertoire, as the regen provided by the dome is surprisingly strong and is on a relatively short cooldown.

Thin Air is another spell to help you preserve MP, allowing you to not run out as much when you are lost in the sauce of spamming Holy for AoE.

Tetragrammaton gives you some extra oGCD single target healing.

Divine Benison lets you focus on doing damage even more than you already were before. Throw this on before a trash pack pull, then start spamming your Holy can as the shield from Divine Benison can prevent most of the healing you’d need to do otherwise.

Plenary Indulgence is there for when raid-wide damage happens, allowing you to better heal everyone should the occasion call for it.

At this level, and frankly for all levels, your rotation rarely changes outside of Stone spam, keeping Aero up, and using certain spells and abilities on cooldown, including:

  • Every 45 seconds, cast Assize.
  • Every 30 seconds, cast Divine Benison (or wait until a Tank buster as long as you don’t lose a use of the spell).
  • Every 15 - 18 seconds, reapply Aero II.
  • Otherwise cast Stone III/Stone IV.

As for leveling, at this level range you have access to all your roulettes, which essentially means to make sure you do them all every day. 

Make sure to at least do Main Scenario & Frontline every day for massive EXP.

Your other sources of EXP can come from Wondrous Tales, Challenge Log, Hunting Log, Palace of the Dead/Heaven on High and dungeons.

Levels 70 - 80

These ten levels are the final stretch until you reach the level cap of Shadowbringers. In this range, you will gain access to more Lily spells, including the bloodiest of them all - Afflatus Misery - and yet another healing accelerator at Level 80. Asylum will see improvements as well.

Skills and Spells (70 - 80)

[Lvl 72] Dia

An upgrade to Aero II with two notable differences.

Firstly Dia deals unaspected damage, so in the rare case that an enemy would resist wind, Dia bypasses that resistence. The second change is that this DoT lasts for 30 seconds instead of 18.

[Lvl 72] Glare

Your ascension is complete: you can now become a Glare Mage.
Glare is another upgrade to Stone.

[Lvl 74] Afflatus Misery

“Blood for the Blood Lily!”
Upon casting 3 spells that consume your Lily gauge, the Blood Lily will bloom, allowing the use of Afflatus Misery which deals massive damage to all enemies in the area around the target.

However, despite the absolutely bonkers potency on the damage, it may not always be worth it to waste your Lily spells to get to this spell faster (at least for single target). Acquiring a Blood Lily takes four GCDs from zero (not accounting for the 90 seconds required for 3 Lilies to bloom in the first place) and Glare deals damage with 300 potency, which when casted three times, equals the potency of Afflatus Misery. Lilies can also be used in downtime between dungeon pulls, which allows you to cast more Holies during the pull while still allowing you to use Misery.

[Lvl 76] Afflatus Rapture

Afflatus Rapture is essentially an AoE version of Afflatus Solace, healing for the same amount as Medica but as an instant cast and larger radius. It also nourishes your Blood Lily.

[Lvl 78] Enhanced Asylum

At this level, Asylum gets buffed to increase all healing received by 10% (including its own regen) when players are standing within it, allowing for easier healing when Asylum is up.

[Lvl 80] Temperance

And, finally; the last skill you learn as of patch 5.58, Temperance.

This spell acts as your healing steroid and only true mitigation tool. It increases all your GCD healing (Regen, Cure I, II, & III, Medica I & II, and Afflatus spells) by 20% and reduces all damage taken by nearby party members within 30 yalms by 10% for 20 seconds. 

It also gives you very pretty wings.

Rotation and Leveling (70 - 80)

Finally within the home stretch. 

If you’ve unlocked The Bozjan Southern Front, it is one of the best (if not the best) ways to level from 71 - 80. That said, it can also get extremely grating and boring after a while. It is recommended to keep doing your dailies, weeklies, etc., which should give you enough EXP to break up the monotony.

Your rotation for WHM at level 72+ remains simple, but the Lily gauge does spice things up:

  • Keep Dia up, and cast Glare or Holy.
  • Use Lilies in downtime to charge Misery
  • Use Lily heals to cover movement and healing in uptime over other GCD heals when possible.

You should keep track of your cooldowns, including Presence of Mind, Asylum, Assize, Thin Air, Plenary Indulgence and Temperance.
Usually you want to cast these on cooldown, or whenever the situation calls for it, as outlined before.

Level 80

And with all that, you’re at level 80! Congratulations!

If you wish to optimize your gameplay further, go check out the Basic WHM Guide, or simply remember the five sacred words of playing White Mage: Blood for the Blood Lily.