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Last Updated: 14 Jan, 2022
Patch Applicable: 6.05

How do Raiden Thrust and Draconian Fury work?

Raiden Thrust is an upgraded True Thrust and Draconian Fury is an upgraded Doom Spike. Both start their respective combos just like the base skill and they replace the buttons on your hotbars temporarily when ready. You gain the effect Draconian Fire upon completing a full combo with Fang and Claw, Wheeling Thrust or Coerthan Torment, enabling the use of either Raiden Thrust or Draconian Fury. It is not required anymore to hit a positional to proc Raiden Thrust. At level 90 using Raiden Thrust or Draconian Fury grants you a stack of Firstminds' Focus. You can use Wyrmwind Thrust with two stacks.

Should I modify my buff Lance Charge - Dragon Sight - Battle Litany timings to accommodate my needy raid members?

Short answer is no. You should – in general – always be pressing all three of your buff actions (and every other damage-dealing action) as close to on cooldown as possible. The Opener aims for optimal buff placement for the party without messing our own rotation up.

The only exception to this rule is a situation where you are running with a static, consistent team and have a specific kill time in mind. In this sort of coordinated environment (and only in this case) it can be prudent to shift your buff times to line up with allies for net gains to raid DPS. This is a very niche case and most of the time should not be taken into consideration.

Who should I tether with Dragon Sight?

In a pug group, prioritize whoever will actually be close to you when it’s Dragon Sight time. Delaying GCDs hunting down your Bard because they asked for tether but live in Narnia will cause more issues than it solves. If someone specifically asks for it, just tell them they need to be close to you when it’s time.

In a static group, on initial pulls of the fight while learning, prioritize in the same way as a pug group. After you have a few pulls, filter a series of FFLogs parses from your group through https://tethercalc.herokuapp.com/ to get specific answers for each tether for your particular group on that particular fight.

There is no hard-and-fast rule of who to tether, but Summoner tends to be low on the totem pole, because the tether does not affect any pets.

Is it okay to hold High Jump, Spineshatter Dive, or Dragonfire Dive for raid buffs? Personal buffs?

In general, no. You should be pressing everything as soon as it comes up.

Spineshatter Dive is an exception now with its two charges. You can freely hold the action as long as you don’t cap out both charges.

However, if you know your target kill time and are certain that the delays will not cost a use on the fight, then it is perfectly acceptable to do so. Just be aware that delaying is never worth it if you end up with one fewer cast on the encounter because of it, especially in the case of High Jump and Mirage Dive.

Do we still delay Life of the Dragon?

With a 60s recast on Lance Charge we will ideally delay every life window. The arrangement of Geirskogul and High Jump in the Opener remains this way forever, with every odd landing immediately after Lance Charge Lance Charge, Dragon Sight and Battle Litany and entering Life. As such, we no longer need to think about early/late life and double life windows are a thing of the past.

If a specific fight doesn’t allow delayed life windows we will adapt to that in the (Re-)Opener. Please refer to the Encounter Tips section for fight specific Openers and rotation tips.

Should I double up Chaos Thrust on two targets? What about three?

The short answer is yes - -if you have two targets that will both be active for > 30 seconds, you want to alternate targets, maintaining Chaos Thrust on both:

Raiden Thrust - Disembowel - Chaos Thrust - Wheeling Thrust - Fang and Claw - Raiden Thrust - Disembowel - Chaos Thrust - Wheeling Thrust - Fang and Claw

If any Life Surge comes up in these scenarios, just use it on a Fang and Claw that has a positional hit, as it has no effect on the damage-over-time effect of Chaos Thrust. This rotation has approximately a 3% gain over the usual rotation if you have two targets to spread Chaos Thrust on.

When extending to three targets, if they’re all within range, you actually want to swap to your AoE rotation (Draconian Fury / Sonic Thrust / Coerthan Torment).

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