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Last Updated: 13 Apr, 2024
Patch Applicable: 6.55

The Epic of Alexander (Ultimate) is the Ultimate released in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. This encounter is split into 4 Phases: Living Liquid, Brute Justice & Cruise Chaser, Alexander Prime and Perfect Alexander. This guide will go over the Operners, rotations and provide tips for different push-timings and general oGCD usage. This guide assumes that you have a basic understanding of the class and its fundamentals.

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Phase One: Living Liquid:


Enter your life window early when the Jagd Doll spawns by doing Wheeling Thrust > High Jump > Fang and Claw > Mirage Dive > Geirskogul and hold your Stardiver for your Lance Charge buff.

Alternate Chaos Thrust combos on Living Liquid and the hand throughout the phase.

Phase Two: Brute Justice & Cruise Chaser (BJ & CC)

Alternate Chaos Thrust combos on BJ & CC throughout the phase, starting with the boss you can still hit during the chakram split.

Cleave both bosses with every Geirskogul, Nastrond, Stardiver and Dragonfire Dive.

Depending on killtime you may consider using High Jump immediately after True Thrust to prevent a lost usage, in this case your opener would look as follows:

Phase Three: Alexander Prime

Opener: Restart your GCD combo with True Thrust if your next GCD is a Chaos Thrust/ Full Thrust or a 4th hit Fang and Claw/ Wheeling Thrust. Use your first Nastrond before your 5th GCD.


After Flamethrower, use High Jump on the heart to gain an eye, as well as Doom Spike > Sonic Thrust > True Thrust to quickly gain Power Surge and set your GCD up for the next burst window.

Since the burst phase is just over 30s in duration, we aim to quickly get High Jump on cooldown and gain a second usage.

Pre-buff before Alexander is targetable with Lance Charge and Dragon Sight and immediately use High Jump, do a standard burst window with life of the dragon and press your last High Jump immediately when it comes up followed by Mirage Dive.


After surviving Wormhole you will be able to hit Alexander for just under 30 seconds followed by a 2 target BJ & CC dps check.

Enter a life window if you have 2 eyes and re-enter afterwards, otherwise delay your life window on Alexander.

Use Lance Charge before your first True Thrust to gain the highest value of your next usage.

Before Alexander leaves do Raiden Thrust > Disembowel > Piercing Talon since doing Raiden Thrust > True Thrust > Disembowel would have your final GCD apply damage after the boss becomes untargetable.

Cleave BJ & CC with Geirskogul and Nastrond.

Apply Chaos Thrust to CC and then BJ.

Use your Lance Charge when it comes off cooldown. Use your own judgement on whether you can fit another Nastrond cleave in this buff before Cruise Chaser dies, and other potency that you could hold for this buff.

Phase Four: Perfect Alexander

There are no general tips for the final phase, simply keep your GCD rolling and press your oGCDs on cooldown in alignment with raidbuffs.

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