Monk Best in Slot (BiS)
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Last Updated: 11 Jun, 2022
Patch Applicable: 6.0

(100%) 1.94 GCD

Recommended to use some form of frame-locking feature in order to minimise your RoF drift each minute. Do not use this set if you play at 60 FPS. Check the FAQs if you want to know why.

(99.995%) 1.94 GCD

This set is compatible with Samurai’s 2.14 set while only being 0.5 DPS behind our other 1.94 set.

(99.923%) 1.93 GCD

Allows RoF to be used perfectly on cooldown without having to slightly drift to accommodate a late-weave, playable even on a Nintendo Wii.

(99.911%) 1.93 GCD

Fragmentally worse than the other 1.93 set but doesn’t rely on SkS food to hit 1.93 GCD.

BIS sets for Ultimate encounters

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