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Last Updated: 28 Oct, 2021
Patch Applicable: 5.58

Is Double True Strike dead?

As purely the best option, yup, go back to 1:1 Twin Snakes and True.

What's with the double Dragon Kick in the openers?

With Standard, you DK after Perfect Balance for DK’s higher potency and again later to gain Leaden finally. With Early Buff a stanceless Leaden Boot after PB is worse on average than using the DK to guarantee a crit one.

What do non opener RoF windows look like?

Similar to opener, you may not have Leaden Fist while going into it though.

Is Twin Snakes meant to drop for a bit?

Two GCDs without Twin Snakes after each Perfect Balance window is intended.

What food is good?

Depends on your stats, but the BiS uses Smoked Chicken.

Any recommendations for crafted gear/First week raiding gear melds?

Crafted Exclusively:

Crafted with non-savage stuff dropped in and 1 DH meld to DET:

If you’re considering getting the Emerald Weapon/Pants later, you may as well flip that one meld on the initial set.

Where can I try out changes to the rotation?

Try the sim found in here:

Why does the BiS have so many DET melds?

Every time someone asks I add another DET meld to the BiS and therefore only the few people who notice contribute to the problem.

(The real reason is stat tiering.)

Got a good visualization of the Rotation?

This (courtesy of Murasa), which should give you an idea of how it plays out in a vacuum

With a FR translation from Ailarra -

"RoF is coming up too early in my rotation, what do?"

This likely means your GCD is too fast, and should naturally fix itself when you reach the desired GCD threshold of 1.96. In the meantime, you can fix this by doing an additional uncomboed Dragon Kick following a previous Dragon Kick. This will slow you down by one GCD and should realign RoF with Demolish.

"Why don't I get Leaden Fist after using PB?"

As mentioned in the guide, your first GCD after PB is formless so will not grant you a Leaden Fist. This is totally fine and normal.

"If I end PB with Leaden Fist, should I not do an uncomboed Bootshine instead?"

No, as this would be a waste of the Leaden Fist proc. You want all of your Bootshines to be guaranteed crits, so you would stick to the rule of “Always DK after PB” to make sure the Leaden isn’t eaten by an uncomboed Boot. Remember, we’re not ‘wasting’ / ‘overcapping’ on Leaden stacks here, as the DK is uncomboed.

"What should I meld on X item?"

For Monk we want Crit > DH > Det.

"What's BiS?"/"What stats should I put on my relic?"

Check out the BiS page here.

The following Pastebin contains recommendations for BiS sets in all three Ultimate fights, containing both Relic/Non-relic sets


"Twin Snakes falls off in my opener, is that normal?"

Yep, Twin Snakes will fall off for a little bit during PB. This will happen multiple times.