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Last Updated: 4 Feb, 2022
Patch Applicable: 6.21

Can I gain multiple Chakra from one weaponskill?

Yes and no. Say for example you use Rockbreaker on three enemies, and it crits every enemy – you will only gain one Chakra, as you can only gain one Chakra per weaponskill. However, if you have Brotherhood on and land a critical weaponskill, you’ll gain two Chakra; one from the crit, and one from the effect of Brotherhood.

Which opener is better?

It depends on your kill time. Check the guide.

What's the point of Celestial Revolution?

A consolation prize for when you mess up your PB window. It’s lower potency than the other two blitzes and single-target, meaning you never want to intentionally use this skill.

Which is better for generating a Lunar Nadi in AoE, Rockbreaker or Shadow of the Destroyer?

Shadow of the Destroyer. Guaranteed crit > 20 potency

Is Riddle of Earth 20% or 60% mitigation?

It’s 20% flat mitigation.

Is there a way to separate my buffs so I can keep track of Leaden Fist easier?

Yes there is. Go into your HUD Layout -> Click your buff bar -> Click the little gearbox button -> Select either Split Element into 3/4 groups. Leaden Fist, Formless Fist, and Perfect Balance all appear on the Conditional Enhancements bar. Everything else is on the Enhancements bar.

Why no 1.94 BIS if I play at 60 FPS?

The shortest answer to this question I can give you is that the tooltip you see in game isn’t strictly accurate to your GCD. Depending on your framerate, your GCD is going to be variably slower than what is displayed in-game. This isn’t to say that “higher FPS value = better”, far from it. Effectively every different GCD speed has different frame rates that are better or worse, the only reason we specifically advise not to run 1.94 at 60 FPS is because 60 FPS is a very common value for people to be playing at (especially when you’re considering console players) and it’s extra bad for 1.94. Essentially if you play 1.94 GCD with 60 FPS, your GCD is actually at 1.95, which is pretty gross. If you aren’t mitigating this via third party programs, running a 1.93 GCD is going to be better for you.

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