Monk Skills Overview
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Last Updated: 28 Oct, 2021
Patch Applicable: 5.58

Single Target GCDs

As previously mentioned, Monk has six core single-target GCDs.

Bootshine has a potency of 200, or 370 when you have Leaden Fist. When in Opo-Opo form, Bootshine will always crit if executed from the rear of an enemy.
Dragon Kick has a potency of 230, or 260 when executed from the flank. When in Opo-Opo form, it will grant the Leaden Fist buff.
True Strike has a potency of 270, or 300 when executed from the rear. It can only be executed from Raptor form.
Twin Snakes has a potency of 230, or 260 when executed from the flank. It also grants a 10% damage increase buff that lasts for 15 seconds, and can only be executed from Raptor form.
Demolish has a potency of 80, or 110 when executed from the rear. It applies an 18 second duration dot with 80 potency, for a combined total of 110+480 potency. It can only be executed from Coeurl form.
Snap Punch has a potency of 270, or 300 when executed from the flank. It can only be executed from Coeurl form.
Form Shift is a unique GCD, as it’s not directly a part of our rotation, but it does enable our rotation. Form Shift grants the Formless Fist buff, which allows you to use any GCD and gain its additional form effects. Since this GCD does no damage, we only ever use it before pulling an enemy or during downtime.

There are a couple of minor things to keep in mind here. First is that at every form you have two options for which GCD to use. Second, is that all positionals are worth 30 potency except for Bootshine, where you instead lose the guaranteed crit effect if you miss the positional. Therefore Bootshine is the most important positional to land, as it’s potentially the biggest loss.

Opening Your Inner Chakra

Chakra is Monk’s job gauge, which stacks up to five times. At five stacks of Chakra, we can spend them to execute either The Forbidden Chakra, a strong single target oGCD, or Enlightenment, a weaker AoE oGCD.

There are multiple ways that we generate Chakra.

First is Meditation, a GCD with a one second cooldown that opens a single Chakra upon being pressed. When outside of combat it generates five stacks of chakra instantly.
We then have two traits; Deep Meditation I & II. Deep Meditation I grants an 80% chance of generating a chakra upon landing a critical weaponskill. Deep Meditation II turns that 80% chance into a 100% chance.
Finally we have Brotherhood. Brotherhood has multiple effects, but in this section we’ll just talk about the effect pertaining to Chakra generation. Upon execution, party members within 15 yalms will gain the effect of Meditative Brotherhood for 15 seconds. While this buff is active on an ally, every time they execute a weaponskill or a spell there is a 20% chance that you will gain a stack of Chakra.


In terms of oGCDs, Monk is somewhat simple.

We have three buffs:

Icon Name Cooldown Duration Effect
Riddle of Fire 90s 20s Increases damage dealt by 25%.
Brotherhood 90s 15s Applies two effects to you and all party members within 15 yalms. The first is a 5% damage increase. The second is Meditative Brotherhood, which helps generate chakra.
Perfect Balance 90s 10s / 6 stacks Enables the use of any GCD as if you have its form bonus.

We have five damaging oGCDs at our disposal.

Icon Name Cooldown Effect
Elixir Field 30s Deals 250 potency to all enemies in a 5-yalm radius around the user.
Tornado Kick 45s Deals 400 potency to a single target.
Shoulder Tackle 30s Deals 100 potency to a single target, with two charges. This is also our gap closer, and so should be used to traverse long distances quickly as opposed to walking across a room and wasting time.
The Forbidden Chakra 1s Deals 340 potency to a single target. As previously mentioned, The Forbidden Chakra costs five stacks of Chakra to use.
Enlightenment 1s Deals 200 potency to all enemies in a straight line in front of you. Enlightenment also has a cost of 5 Chakra.

We never hold any of our oGCDs. You’ll notice that every skills cooldown is a multiple of 90; this means that if we press them all exactly when they come back up, they will realign perfectly every time.