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Last Updated: 29 May, 2023
Patch Applicable: 6.4

Why does our BiS not follow the stat priority?

Because of stat tiering and how it works together with our rotation, our rotation simulation brought out this exact combination of materia to be a higher average DPS value than fully following our stat priority. If you want to know more about the math behind stats and stat tiering, go to the sub stats tier list linked here.

How much ping do I need to double-weave?

The threshold is about 40ms.

What do I do in multiple target scenarios?

Use Doton on 2+ targets, if targets remain in Doton for full duration. Death Blossom and Hakke should be used on 3+ targets, ideally within Doton. Hellfrog only used on 3+ targets. Katon and Goka Mekkyaku on 3+ targets, also ideally in Doton.

What should I use to disengage from the boss?

Priority order:

  1. If the disengage is within 20s of Trick use Suiton.
  2. Phantom Kamaitachi
  3. Raiton
  4. Throwing Dagger

Should I always weave Trick late?

Only purposefully weave Trick late in the opener. Anywhere else, use on cooldown.

Should I save Bunshin for Trick, or use it on cooldown?

Use on cooldown.

What if my cooldowns misalign from Trick Attack?

In the event cooldowns become permanently misaligned from Trick, it is better to continue using them off-cooldown rather than realign and risk losing a usage.

Should I use Phantom Kamaitachi immediately or save it for Trick Attack?

First priority of Phantom Kamaitachi is to use it as a disengagement tool over Raiton or Throwing Dagger. If there is none, you generally can save it for the next Trick window. Some important things to keep in mind:

1. Odd Trick Windows (no-TCJ): Most of the time prefer Phantom.

2. Even/2m Trick Windows (with TCJ): Generally, you do not want Phantom in 2m windows.

Should I be using Forked Raiju or Fleeting Raiju?

Both Forked Raiju and Fleeting Raiju have an identical potency of 560. Forked Raiju is a gap-closer, whereas Fleeting Raiju is a standard melee GCD which allows it freedom of movement. Realistically you should always be using Fleeting Raiju, however if you need to use a gap-closer then use Forked Raiju. Tldr; use whatever you want.

Why don’t we use Huraijin anywhere in the rotation?

Huraijin is more of a recovery tool than a damage skill, as it is a DPS loss if used over Armor Crush. It’s primarily used to gain full Huton gauge after a death, after a long fight transition, or if the boss is pulled before you get to cast Huton pre-pull.

Does Kassatsu's % damage affect Hyosho and Goka?

Yes it does.

Do uncombo-ed skills give Ninki?

No, they don’t.

Does Hakke give Huton/Ninki without hitting a target?

No, It doesn’t

Is there a dungeon/normal mode/24man/non-savage BiS?

No, it wouldn’t be BiS.

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