Ninja Openers
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Last Updated: 29 Oct, 2021
Patch Applicable: 5.58

Why is there a Doton in my opener?
Because it’s free damage if the tank is willing to cooperate and pull the boss into the Doton on pull.

oGCDs in Parentheses

-11s: Huton
-7s: Doton at max aggro range (Hide)
-1s: Suiton (Kassatsu)\

Spinning Edge (Potion) → Gust Slash (Mug + Bunshin) → Aeolian Edge → Spinning Edge (Trick Attack) → Shadow Fang (Dream Within a Dream) → Hyosho Ranryu (Assassinate) → Raiton (TCJ) → Fuma Shuriken {Ten} → Raiton {Chi} → Suiton {Jin} (Meisui) → Gust Slash (Bhavacakra) → Aeolian Edge (Bhavacakra) | Trick Attack ends | → Raiton

(Credit to Alfie for the image below)