Job Fundamentals

Reaper is a flexible burst job that revolves around gauge and resource management. While Reaper itself has a few strict damage windows, the majority of the rotation can be moved around to align better with mechanics, or to fit into the burst windows of other jobs’ raid buffs. Reaper also has the benefit of being mobile for short periods of time through intelligent usage of its mobility-based abilities and ranged spells.

Most Recent Job Changes

Patch 6.28:

Plentiful Harvest went from 520-800 Potency up to 720-1000 potency.

Communio went from 1000 potency to 1100 potency.

Lemure’s Slice went from 200 potency to 220 potency

This is about 2.3% increase and ultimately makes the job more competitive with other melee. All of this damage is in the burst window which also impacts how well a RPR performs in raid buffs.

Stats & Materia
Physical Damage > Strength > Critical Hit > Desired Skill Speed > Direct Hit Rate = Determination