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Last Updated: 2 Jan, 2022
Patch Applicable: 6.05

2.5 GCD BiS

BiS built around have a 2.5s GCD. The best option for our personal damage by a slight margin but at 2.5s Arcane Circle will drift .5s every 2 minutes. This could cause problems with alignment or fight specific needs.

2.49 BiS

BiS built around a 2.49s GCD. The damage difference between this set and the 2.5s GCD set will be almost unnoticeably worse. A 2.49s GCD means Arcane Circle will only drift .12-.13 seconds every 2 minutes potentially allowing for better raid alignment. This is currently our recommended option.

2.48 BiS

BiS built around a 2.48s GCD. Worse than either the 2.5 or 2.49 set but has perfect alignment on Arcane Circle. May also provide additional benefits based on the raid fight or other circumstances.

If you are looking to optimize around a different GCD tier due to either fight specific optimization or personal comfort feel free to ask for set recommendations in the Balance Discord.

Pre-raid penta-melded set

Run with this set if you are looking to get into the raid tier with the best optimal gear. This is a 2.46 GCD set, so your Plentiful Harvest may clip on your opener if you aren’t doing the early Gluttony adjustment.

Replace pieces with BiS tome and raid gear as you get them.

Pre-raid Economy set

This is another pre-raid set with a significantly lower cost. It is about 4-5% damage behind the penta-melded set. This is a 2.5 GCD set so Arcane Circle will drift .5s every 2 minutes, replace a single determination meld with SKS if you want to play at 2.49.

Replace pieces with BiS tome and raid gear as you get them.

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