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Last Updated: 17 Jan, 2024
Patch Applicable: 6.55

2.49 Relic BiS

BiS set designed around a 2.49 GCD while using the final step of the Manderville weapon.

This set’s accessory melds are fully compatible with SAM 2.15 BiS and MNK’s “SAM 2.15 Meld Compatible” BiS. However, this set does not share compatibility with DRG due to many differing melds. If you do not care about compatibility with DRG, use this set, otherwise use the DRG compatible Relic option.

2.49 DRG Compatible Relic Option

Built around a 2.49 GCD, this set trades a minor DPS loss for more compatibility with DRG’s BiS to avoid needing to remeld frequently when playing both jobs. The Skill Speed meld will still need to be swapped out when playing DRG. If you do not wish to remeld frequently, you can fully use DRG 2.5 BiS melds and use Baba Ghanoush food instead of Baked Eggplant for an estimated 20 DPS loss in exchange for no longer needing to remeld for 2.49 on RPR.

2.49 No Relic Option

This is the original Anabaseios Savage BiS before the final Manderville step was released. Use this if you don’t have the final Manderville weapon step.

BiS built around a 2.49s GCD. A 2.49s GCD means Arcane Circle will only drift .12-.13 seconds every two minutes potentially allowing for better raid alignment. This is currently our recommended option.

What to wear before getting savage BiS?

This is a good set to start with if you plan to go into the Anabaseios savage tier. This is one of three possible sets that you can go for. The set shown above only features the crafted set with one normal raid piece. The normal raid earring beats the crafted set earring if the latter is not pentamelded.

As of 6.5 there are a lot of options for getting gear that is i640+.

Just follow this simple priority for gearing until you get BiS pieces:

  • Take the highest iLvl piece available to you
  • Follow meld priority for non BiS pieces
  • For options within the same iLvl, prioritize pieces that do not have skill speed
  • Replace with BiS pieces when possible

Dragonsong's Reprise (Ultimate) BiS (6.3 Dungeon Gear + 6.45 Relic Option)

If using the scythe from DSR, meld two Direct Hit X’s and one Determination X. If you want full compatibility with DRG after acquiring the DSR weapon, change the SKS meld on the head piece to DET and then do DH DH SKS on the weapon.

Note: The 645 and 665 versions of the Manderville weapon are functionally the same in DSR. Use whichever you have and allocate the stats as shown in the etro link.

Dragonsong's Reprise (Ultimate) BiS (No 6.3 Dungeon Gear Option)

The original BiS used for DSR. Use this if you do not want to farm the dungeon gear.

The Omega Protocol (Ultimate) BiS (6.5 Dungeon Gear + 6.45 Relic Option)

Recommended gearset to prog TOP as of patch 6.5. This set includes the Dungeon Gear from patch 6.5, putting this set slightly ahead of the other option.

Note: The 645 and 665 versions of the Manderville weapons are functionally the same in TOP. Use whichever you have and allocate the stats as shown in the etro link.

The Omega Protocol (Ultimate) BiS (No 6.5 Dungeon Gear + No 6.45 Relic Option)

This is just the Abyssos 2.49 BiS, which is slightly lower in DPS than the Dungeon Gear + Relic option. If using the TOP scythe, meld two Direct Hit X’s and one Skill Speed X.
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