Reaper Best-in-Slot
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Last Updated: 2 Jan, 2022
Patch Applicable: 6.2

2.5 GCD BiS

BiS built around have a 2.5s GCD. The best option for our personal damage by a slight margin but at 2.5s Arcane Circle will drift .5s every two minutes. This could cause problems with alignment or fight specific needs.

2.49 BiS

BiS built around a 2.49s GCD. The damage difference between this set and the 2.5s GCD set will be almost unnoticeably worse. A 2.49s GCD means Arcane Circle will only drift .12-.13 seconds every two minutes potentially allowing for better raid alignment. This is currently our recommended option.

Day 1 Savage set (No tome weapon)

If do not plan on buying the Tome Weapon week one of the Savage raid then run with this set to get the most out of your gear.

Day 1 Savage set with Tome Weapon

If you are planning on getting the Tome weapon week one then use this set to get the most out of your gear. It is generally recommended that least one DPS in a static gets assigned the tome weapon as it is a significant upgrade. The decision is entirely up to you and your static, just know that the Tome weapon will put you a week behind on gearing towards BiS.
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