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Last Updated: 1 Sep, 2022
Patch Applicable: 6.2

Which Potion/Food should RPR use?

The highest available Strength potion. Currently, that is Grade 7 Tincture of Strength. Current food is Carrot Pudding

Why do we use Arcane Circle halfway through the GCD instead of in the second weave space?

Because there are six seconds after using Arcane Circle before you are able to use Plentiful Harvest. Using Arcane Circle in the second weave space risks clipping the Plentiful Harvest GCD due to being unable to use it yet.

How do we properly use Harvest Moon/Harpe?

Harpe should be used prepull in the opener and when you are forced out of melee range for at least one GCD, provided it is not possible to keep your melee GCDs rolling. Harvest Moon should always be used for this instead, if it is available. Otherwise, Harvest Moon should be used for AoE, if applicable, or used in place of a weaker GCD for an overall potency gain. Harvest Moon uses will very much be a fight-specific optimization and there is no “this is always the best way to use it.”

What is the difference between Blood Stalk, Unveiled Gibbets, and Unveiled Gallows?

Nothing. They are effectively the same things with different animations. They each consume 50 Soul to give one stack of Soul Reaver.

How does Soul Reaver work?

Gluttony gives 2 Soul Reaver stacks. Blood Stalk (as well as Unveiled Gibbet/Gallows) gives 1 Soul Reaver stack. Soul Reaver allows for the execution of Gibbet and Gallows. Any ability that grants Soul Reaver MUST be followed by Gibbet or Gallows, or the Soul Reaver stack will be lost.

What's the difference between Double Enshroud and Triple Enshroud windows and when do we use one or the other?

Double Enshroud windows will happen every two minutes after the opener and allows for two Communios under raid buffs. Triple Enshroud moves the Enshroud window from the 1:XX and 7:XX to the 2:XX and 8:XX buff windows respectively to get a third Communio under Potion (and therefore is more potency than a Double Enshroud window). In full uptime, you will use a Triple Enshroud window at 2:XX and 8:XX, and a Double Enshroud Window at every other even-minute window. Whether or not getting a Triple Enshroud window is possible is extremely fight specific. Please read the Advanced Reaper Theory guide for more information.

When should I use a Potion?

If a fight allows for it, Potions should be used at the 2:XX and 8:XX windows. If the fight is shorter than eight minutes, the second pot can be used at 6:30 or 7:XX. You will need to adjust your burst accordingly, but exactly how will be fight specific. If the fight is longer than nine minutes, you can use a Potion in the opener, then use it on cooldown after to get three potions in the fight, assuming full uptime. Whether this is possible without full uptime will be a fight-specific thing.

Why don't we use Potions in the opener?

With all raid buffs being either 60 or 120s now, all raid buffs will be present again at the 2:XX buff window, which means we don’t miss out on any raid buffs by moving our Potion to 2:XX. This allows us to pool resources after the opener to get an even stronger Double Communio burst phase under Potion, vs. a Single Communio burst phase in the opener, resulting in a significantly higher value from the Potion.

When do we use the Fast Shroud Opener vs. Early Gluttony Opener or other Openers?

Early Gluttony Opener is the safer opener for general purpose because you minimize your chances of losing a use of Gluttony due to fight alignment. However, Fast Shroud Opener is better for putting more potency in raid buffs. Using one opener over another is going to be a fight-specific optimization, and most fights will have their own openers tailored to the fight phasing/downtime.

How do Arcane Circle, Immortal Sacrifice, and Plentiful Harvest work?

Arcane Circle is a 3% damage up buff for 20s that is applied to all party members within 15y of the caster.

Circle of Sacrifice is a 5s buff that checks whether or not the RPR that used Arcane Circle and each party member with the buff successfully lands a weaponskill or spell.

Bloodsown Circle lasts 6s and gives you one Immortal Sacrifice stack for each party member (including yourself) that lands a weaponskill/spell under Circle of Sacrifice (maximum of one stack per person).

Immortal Sacrifice stacks up to eight stacks, and lasts for up to 30s. Immortal Sacrifice stacks allow Plentiful Harvest to be used.

Plentiful Harvest consumes all Immortal Sacrifice stacks and gains 40 potency for every additional stack, starting at 520 and maxing out at 800 potency at eight stacks. Your own stack is already included in the base potency of 520, as it is required to even use the skill. You cannot use Plentiful Harvest until Bloodsown Circle has expired.

Simply put: Arcane Circle gives a +3% damage buff for 20s. It also gives one stack of Immortal Sacrifice for every party member (including yourself) that lands a weaponskill/spell in the first 5s of Arane Circle’s duration. Immortal Sacrifice stacks allow the use of Plentiful Harvest, and increase the potency of Plentiful Harvest by 40 per stack, up to 800 potency at eight stacks. Plentiful Harvest cannot be used until Bloodsown Circle expires, which happens 6s after using Arcane Circle.

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