Reaper Job Changes
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Last Updated: 29 May, 2023
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The radius for our Raid buff, Arcane Circle, has been doubled from 15y to 30y.


Plentiful Harvest went from 520-800 Potency up to 720-1000 potency.

Communio went from 1000 potency to 1100 potency.

Lemure’s Slice went from 200 potency to 220 potency

This is about 2.3% increase and ultimately makes the job more competitive with other melee. All of this damage is in the burst window which also impacts how well a RPR performs in raid buffs.


The following potencies changed:

  • Slice from 300 –> 320
  • Waxing Slice from 380 –> 400
  • Infernal Slice from 460 –> 500

This change doesn’t impact anything rotationally for Reaper is about a 1.5% increase in overall damage


View the latest changes for 6.1 at the Official Site, located here!


Arcane Crest - Cure potency of the Crest of Time Returned changed from 100 –> 50.

Tillana, Technical Finish and Standard Finish all will now generate Immortal Sacrifices.


Job added to game.