Samurai Best in Slot (BiS)
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Last Updated: 14 Feb, 2022
Patch Applicable: 6.0

2.14 Savage BiS

  • 28 GCD loop, 2 filler GCDs
  • 8727.21 DPS including 5% party buff.
  • Classic “Slow SAM”. Highest DPS, easiest weaving.

2.07 Savage BiS

  • 29 GCD loop, 3 filler GCDs
  • 8641.28 DPS including 5% party buff.
  • Small hit in DPS in exchange for a slightly extended rotation, offering more flexibility with mechanic downtime.

2.00 Savage BiS

  • 30 GCD loop, 4 filler GCDs
  • 8626.34 DPS including 5% party buff.
  • Classic “Fast SAM”. Trades a ~1% DPS loss for a faster playstyle with even more filler to maneuver mechanic downtime. May have difficulty iai/double weaving even on the best of connections.

Ultimate/Unreal Sync "BiS" Sets:

Sets for these fights are community-sourced through use of Jahaudant’s Gear Planner. The below sets have been sourced from Niche.


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