Viper Frequently Asked Questions
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Last Updated: 18 Jun, 2024
Patch Applicable: 7.0

Are Reawaken skills affected by Haste/Skill Speed? What speeds are VPRs GCDs?

All of Viper’s GCDs are affected by both Haste and Skillspeed. Viper has a 15% haste buff that is upkept in its rotation. Vipe also has five different GCD speeds. Assuming no Skillspeed, this chart shows the speed of each category of GCD.

TypeNo HasteHaste
Dual Wield2.502.12
Twinblade and Ouroboros3.002.55
Uncoiled Fury3.52.97

Does Reawaken have a cooldown?

No. You can enter it multiple times in a row without needing fillers.

Will I be able to double weave on high ping?

Yes, almost all of Viper’s double weaves are after long GCDs (2.55 or 2.97s). Even someone with higher ping should be able to do them without clipping.

How many positionals does Viper have?

Six total, three flanks and three rear. Every single target dual wield combo will end in one positional, alternating each time. Every single target twinblade combo will have both a rear and flank positional, the order of which can be freely chosen each time assuming the order doesn’t matter for buff upkeep.

When do I use Rattling Coil stacks?

These stacks should be used primarily to maintain uptime during a melee disconnect, otherwise the stacks can be spent during filler rotation.

What breaks VPR combos?

Dual wield combos are not broken by anything other than starting the AoE combo while in single target combo, and vice versa.

Twinblade combo is broken by any non-twinblade GCD with the exception of Writhing Snap and Uncoiled Fury. This means you cannot Reawaken during twinblade! Twinblade combos are also broken by starting the AoE version while in single target combo, and vice versa.