With high party utility and unparalleled mobility, Physical Ranged jobs are masters of adjusting to suit the needs of the encounter at hand. Each Ranged job comes equipped with a party-wide 10% damage mitigation and a robust crowd control toolkit to keep their allies safe. With no cast bars or positional requirements, Ranged players can zoom around the battlefield and still dish out serious damage.

Ranged Jobs

Bards are the bow users of FFXIV, with musical skills mixed in. As a Bard, you’ll use a pair of damage over time debuffs, which can trigger bonus effects during your songs. Reacting to these triggers while maintaining your DoTs and songs is the core of Bard gameplay.

Machinist is a fast-paced physical ranged job that excels at quick burst damage and has the added benefit of free movement. While the base rotation for this job is somewhat strict, Machinist excels in dumping burst into raid buffs with flexible use of its gauge system.

Dancer is a job with low personal damage but high contribution to others’ damage through raid buffs. It has “Dances" that require executing the right dance steps in order to perform powerful finishing moves. Outside of Dances, the rotation revolves around a simple combo structure with lots of RNG elements to keep things interesting.