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Last Updated: 13 Feb, 2022
Patch Applicable: 6.2

How does Repertoire work?

While under a song, we get one 80% chance at a proc every three seconds of the song timer. Specifically, proc chances occur at 42, 39, 36, etc. seconds remaining, and not at 45 or zero.

How do I approach the two minute burst?

Try to late-weave The Wanderer’s Minuet.

Use Raging Strikes in the next oGCD window, then you have a free window for Empyreal Arrow if it’s on time. If it’s really on time, you might be able to do a Raging + Empyreal weave; if so, do it.

Then, two GCDs after the Raging, double-weave Battle Voice and Radiant Finale.

During this stack of buffs, use everything you’ve got. More detail to come in the advanced guide.

Does Bard have a target Skill Speed / GCD?

Yes and no. While it’s not crucial, being at 2.48 or 2.47 makes it feasible to keep Empyreal Arrow on cooldown without it running into your GCD, while also minimizing song cycle drift.

This is fairly advanced stuff related to very optimized play though, so for general purposes / just trying to clear fights, don’t worry about playing at other Skill Speeds.

Should I use Radiant Finale at 2% in the opener?

Yes, keep it aligned with Battle Voice. It will be at three coda for every usage after the first.

When is the best time to use Apex Arrow on single target?

Keeping it aligned with two minute buffs is so valuable, that it’s worth treating it as a 60 second cooldown. During Mage’s Ballad, use it at 100, or before Sidewinder at the lastest. Then hold it until two minute buffs are all up.

Should I use DoTs (damage over time skills) on trash in dungeons?

If you’re running to or between packs and can’t hit more than two targets with Ladonsbite, go ahead and start dropping some Stormbites on enemies.

How does Barrage interact with Shadowbite?

It only increases Shadowbite’s potency. It does not give you Shadowbite Ready, nor does it increase the number of hits.

When do I use tinctures?

If the fight will last 8:30 or more, aim to use it before the two minute burst, and then again for the eight minute. Otherwise, use it before the pull and then at six minutes.

Should I macro (any damage skill)?

No. Macros cannot be queued in advance, so you lose casts over time by using them since every use will have a little delay. Targeting macros (<tt>, <2>, and so on) for Nature’s Minne and Warden’s Paean are okay, since the time you lose to not queueing can be gained back by not having to target a party member manually.

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