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Last Updated: 26 Oct, 2021
Patch Applicable: 5.58

When should I use Raging Strikes after the opener?

A couple of GCDs into Minuet. This is to cover as much Pitch Perfect potential as possible.

When do I use my second/third potion?

Try to cover Raging Strikes and Barrage with it. That damage spike is bigger than any heap of party buffs. If you can, also try to pop it right before an Iron Jaws, so that you can IJ at the end and get two runs of buffed DoTs.

Should I use Iron Jaws at the start and end of Raging Strikes?

No, this isn’t worth it. Try to use Iron Jaws once under each Raging – when either Raging or your DoTs are about to end.

When should I use Apex Arrow?

As soon as you hit 100 Gauge. You can hold it one to two GCDs, or use it at 90-95, if it lets you catch some buffs.

Should I hold Empyreal Arrow under Army's Paeon?

Only if you’re within ~2s of starting Wanderer’s Minuet. Otherwise, fire away – you get two EAs under each Minuet/Ballad regardless.

Can I do anything with Enhanced Army's Paeon?

If you have a little skill speed, you can set up a clean last-moment WM to Mage’s Ballad transition:
Burst Shot - Pitch Perfect - Mage’s Ballad - Burst Shot

To do this, you MUST wait to press WM until late in the weaving window, AND avoid any GCD delays while in Minuet. Normally, your transition will look like: Burst Shot - Wanderer’s Minuet - Burst Shot - Burst Shot - Raging Strikes - Burst Shot

Failure to wait a tad on that WM, or clipping under Muse, may result in that last-moment PP “ghosting” - animating without actually going off or going on cooldown.

Should I macro (any damage skill)?

No. Macros cannot be queued in advance, so you lose casts over time by using them since every use will have a little delay. Targeting macros (<tt>, <2>, and so on) for Nature’s Minne and Warden’s Paean are okay, since the time you lose to not queueing can be gained back by not having to target a party member manually.

How many DoTs should I put up for AoE?

It’s complicated. The full guide goes into the details. But as a very general rule of thumb, any DoT that will run most to all of its 30s (i.e. the mob won’t die soon) is worth applying.

How does Shadowbite's damage work?

It’s based on the DoTs on the primary target, so you only need both DoTs on that one enemy.

Should I use Apex sooner when I have a lot of DoTs running?

Yes, 85 to 90 is pretty fine depending on DoT count to lessen the risk of overfilling the gauge.

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