Bard Openers
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Last Updated: 18 Dec, 2021
Patch Applicable: 6.2
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Bard Openers

For all openers:

  • Use Pitch Perfect at three stacks as able, Bloodletter as able, and Refulgent procs as you get them.
  • Hold Barrage until the next GCD if you already have an Refulgent proc.
  • The best potion as of 6.00 is high-quality Grade 5 Tincture of Dexterity.

Bard Level 90 6.00 Opener

Opener FAQ

Is it really okay to use Radiant Finale for only 2% in the opener?

Yes, by the next two-minute burst you will have gotten three more coda.


Should I use Refulgent Arrow between Stormbite and Caustic Bite if I get a proc?

No, getting both DoTs up as soon as possible is slightly better.


I’ve heard about using Tinctures at two minutes, why is it here?

This is just a default opener if you don’t know the fight length. If you’re certain the fight will last 8:30 or more (accounting for downtime), you will want to Tincture at two and eight minutes.

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