Dancer FAQ
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Last Updated: 26 Oct, 2021
Patch Applicable: 5.58
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Who do I Dance Partner?

This list is made in a gear/skill vacuum. This is the recommended partner priority list.
Special Note: some fights may favor certain Dance Partners over others based on phases/mechanics or ability to hit multiple targets.

Updated: January 19, 2021 to account for balance changes in patch 5.4.

  1. SAM
  2. NIN
  3. MNK / BLM (Crit build)*
  4. DRG / SMN
  5. RDM
  6. MCH
  7. BRD
  8. DNC

*Data on BLM SpS build as a Dance Partner is not available due to length in time to reach BiS with this build as of this update, but value as a Dance Partner is believed to drop significantly between the two builds due to under-utilization of Devilment.

This priority list was made based on interactions between all jobs and DNC buffs and by using the new Partner Calculator (created by @Hint) which is a useful tool to help determine who in a given log would be the best Dance Partner:

(It is strongly encouraged to use this tool with your own group’s logs to help determine who would be the best Dance Partner).