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Last Updated: 20 Sep, 2022
Patch Applicable: 6.2

Who do I Dance Partner?

The tentative dance partner priority for patch 6.21 is:


There is still not a large enough sample size of good logs to fully determine the exact differences between some of the jobs. More updates may come with Week 8+ of savage when more BiS logs are expected to be available.

For more accurate results for your group and needs, plug your logs into partnercalc.

How should I approach gearing up the class?

You can review Ringabel’s guide on how to best approach gearing DNC in 6.2 by clicking

What is BiS for old Ultimate fights?

With iLvl sync, you can max out on both secondary stats on a gear piece as long as that gear piece is above a certain iLvl based on the encounter’s iLvl sync.

Recommended Gearsets for these fights are items that are at the iLvl needed to max both secondaries and have Crit and either Det or DH.

iLvl for max stats: UCoB: 470 UWU: 500 TEA: 600

The best weapon for all of these iLvl synced fights is the iLvl 535 Save the Queen relic weapon “Blade’s Euphoria” with specific stat allocation that maximizes how many secondary stats you can get for the fight:

UCoB: 127 Crit, 127 Det, 123 DH, 90 SkS (four points from DH moved to SkS to match with a 2.46 GCD tier) UWU: 136 Crit, 136 Det, 132 DH, 63 SkS (four points from DH moved to SkS to match with a 2.47 GCD tier) TEA: 184 Crit, 184 Det, 99 DH, 0 SkS

BiS Food: Use current BiS Food BiS Potion: Use current BiS Potion

What should I know before beginning to raid on Dancer?

Click here to read Io’s raiding primer guide for DNC!

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