Machinist Leveling Guide
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Last Updated: 25 Oct, 2021
Patch Applicable: 5.58

Simple Pointers for New Machinists

Unlocking new jobs can be daunting, so to alleviate some of the stress of all of the new actions, here’s some tips to help the new Machinists understand their rotation while leveling and gain some insight into how everything comes together!  Reference the weaponskills and abilities in the beginner’s guide if you forget exactly what things do. 

For clarity purposes:

  • GCDs are your weaponskills. They are tied to a timer related to your skill speed. Without skill speed, your GCD recast timer is 2.5 seconds.
  • oGCDs are either tied to a longer cooldown specified in the tooltip or limited by something called animation lock, which is about 0.6s. At most, you can use two oGCDs between GCDs. Sometimes you are limited to only using one oGCD because of faster recast times. For Machinist specifically, this will be during Hypercharge, between your Heat Blasts. This is referred to as weaving.

Level 30

  • Your highest potency skill is Clean Shot until level 58. Reassemble should always be paired with this in a single target situation.
  • Hypercharge is a flat 20 potency boost to every weapon skill (GCD) used in the next 7.5s. This translates to your next three GCDs if you are actively fighting something.
  • You only have heat right now, but Hot Shot is still 300 potency and a gain over both Split Shot and Slug Shot and should still be used in single target situations.
  • Spread Shot should be used for any encounter where you have two or more mobs. It’s also the priority for using Reassemble if you’re fighting multiple enemies.
  • Gauss Round is an expendable oGCD that should be used as much as possible for extra damage.

Level 35

  • You will gain access to Heat Blast. This weaponskill is super important. The only time you can use it is during your Hypercharge windows, but the recast time on it is exceptionally low, at only 1.5 seconds. You should never be double weaving between Heat Blast; there’s not enough time to do so. Each Heat Blast reduces the cooldown on Gauss Round, so you should be single weaving a Gauss Round in between your Heat Blast’s when you’re able to. This skill changes what you have been doing for the past five levels; from here on out, you’ll never use other GCDs inside of Hypercharge. Every Hypercharge window you should be getting five Heat Blasts.

Level 40

  • You will gain access to Rook Auto-Turret. This unlocks a new gauge, Battery. Every time you use Hot Shot or finish a full combo segment with Clean Shot, you will gain Battery which can then be used to summon Rook. If you are preventing the Battery gauge from overcapping, you’re using it correctly. Rook Overdrive does not need to be pressed; it will happen at the end of the summons timer.

Level 45

  • Unlocking Wildfire is effectively just a DPS gain on what you already have in your kit. Wildfire should always be paired with Hypercharge, similar to the pictures located in Openers, but you will need to manually build your heat up to use it rather than being able to open properly. Wildfire can be used on trash packs, but you are better off holding it slightly for boss encounters.

Level 50

  • Nothing crazy. You will learn Ricochet which should be treated nearly the same as Gauss Round. Use as much as you can, and use it inside of Hypercharge windows, alternating use with Gauss Round.

Levels 52 - 60

  • The Heated Split Shot and Heated Slug Shot upgrades are a potency upgrade with new animations when used, but otherwise they’re the same as their unheated counterparts.
  • Auto-Crossbow is the AoE equivalent of Heat Blast and should be used as long as there are 3 or more enemies.
  • Tactician is a mitigative tool that can either be used to reduce damage when the party is about to take damage, or on mob pulls to help the tank in your dungeon take less damage. Use generously and your parties will love you for it.
  • Drill is the big game changer here. From level 58 and onwards, Drill and Reassemble should always be paired together.

Level 66

  • Barrel Stabilizer is huge. You can start encounters with 50 heat and get Wildfire on cooldown very early in a fight. It can be used for on demand burst during mob pulls as well for instant burst.

Level 70+

I hope this helps! If you have any questions, please stop by #mch_questions and ask away!