Machinist Openers
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Last Updated: 10 Jan, 2023
Patch Applicable: 6.3
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It is important that you attempt to put as much damage into the raid buffs of your party as possible. Wildfire does not scale with skill speed, so once it’s placed in your opener it will never move forward and can only be delayed in your rotation. Wildfire should be placed properly in the opener based on your party composition and the downtime you have in an encounter. Wildfire snapshots raid buffs upon use of the ability – not on detonation. Wildfire cannot critical hit or direct hit, thus gaining no benefit from crit or direct hit-boosting raid buffs. Each opener contains six GCDs prior to Hypercharge. This six GCD setup is the only way to summon Queen in your opener without delaying Drill to 12.5 seconds.

The standard opener we use is the Delayed Tools opener. This opener aims to put your hardest hitting GCDs, your tools, into the raid buffs of your party members. It does this without major risk of losing a Drill usage as we still use this one the second GCD.

The main risk of this opener is losing an Air Anchor use as this GCD is delayed a fair bit in the opener. If this is the case, it will be more worth to move the Air Anchor forwards towards the first GCD of the fight. This results in the Early AA opener. Mind you, the early AA opener has a different 2 minute burst than the Delayed Tools opener.

If you wish to learn more about adjusting your opener on a fight by fight basis the optimise your damage, then check out the advanced guide.

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