Machinist Openers
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Last Updated: 10 Jan, 2023
Patch Applicable: 6.3
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It is important that you attempt to put as much damage into the raid buffs of your party as possible. Wildfire does not scale with skill speed, so once it’s placed in your opener it will never move forward and can only be delayed in your rotation. Wildfire should be placed properly in the opener based on your party composition and the downtime you have in an encounter. Wildfire snapshots raid buffs upon use of the ability – not on detonation. Wildfire cannot critical hit or direct hit, thus gaining no benefit from crit or direct hit-boosting raid buffs. Each opener contains six GCDs prior to Hypercharge. This six GCD setup is the only way to summon Queen in your opener without delaying Drill to 12.5 seconds.

You’ll notice there’s a string of three Heated combo actions in a row. This is done on purpose for later on in an encounter. Those Heated combo actions can, and most likely will be, replaced with a Hypercharge window later on. This allows us to get more potency under raid buffs and potions and use Barrel Stabilizer on cooldown, prior to Wildfire windows.

The three-string of combo actions are gone from this, instead opting for a delayed Air Anchor. While there’s more of a risk of losing a usage of Air Anchor, this Multi-Tool alignment makes better use of raid buff heavy comps. There’s no room for Hypercharge, so if you plan on keeping Barrel Stabilizer on cooldown you’ll need to get rid of the heat prior to the upcoming burst window.