Tasked with holding the attention of the enemies, Tanks are the role that manages enemy positioning and takes a majority of the damage in a given encounter. Each tank comes equipped with both personal and party mitigation tools, as well as a damage toolkit unique to their specific job.

Tank Jobs

Paladin features a slow but bursty rotation consisting a powerful self buff and ranged magical spells. It also boasts an impressive suite of both targeted and raidwide mitigation, as well as unique run-saving tools in a raid progression setting.

Warriors are the high-burst, low in between DPS tanks, with a high emphasis on Healing mechanics. The rotation is slow, the resource management is low, but the fun part is becoming the third healer in the 8-man party. Armed with the only party-wide flat-value shield, a healing basic rotation, a high-burst self-heal and a party member heal/mitigation tool, Warriors are capable of saving themselves, or party members, in case of missed heals or missing mitigation.

Dark Knight features large bursts of damage accompanied by spikes in APM and requires managing both MP and a Blood Gauge, able to put many hard-hitting attacks into party raid buff windows. It also has access to one of the most powerful single-target mitigation abilities available in The Blackest Night (TBN).

Gunbreaker is the newest tank to FFXIV that was added in Shadowbringers. It features high damage, high actions-per-minute burst phases that fit cleanly into party buffs. GNB’s high actions-per-minute combined with its strong mitigation toolkit make it feel like a party-focused DPS.