Dark Knight FAQ
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Last Updated: 19 Jan, 2023
Patch Applicable: 6.3

How do I spend my MP?

As a general rule, never overcap MP, and consider maintaining at least 3000 MP so that you can use The Blackest Night if needed.

When optimizing, you should plan to use all of your Edge of Shadow (EoS) casts under buffs, and in particular, to put more EoS casts where buffs are stronger. This often means using five EoS under even-minute (0, 2, 4, …) buffs, and three under odd-minute buffs.

Can I overlap Blood Weapon and Delirium?

Yes, although you need to be careful to not overcap on Blood, as Delirium prevents you from spending Blood with Bloodspiller until all three of its stacks have been used. With typical alignments of Blood Weapon and Delirium, you can accomplish this by making sure that you are at 40 Blood or less before pressing Blood Weapon or Delirium, whichever comes first.

Why are The Blackest Night and Blood Weapon used pre-pull in the opener?

Living Shadow plays a long animation (around 6.8s) before it begins doing damage, and so in order to get as many hits as possible of this strong ability under buffs, it needs to be used as early as possible in the opener. By using Blood Weapon prepull, we can get Living Shadow out after 3 GCDs. Using The Blackest Night prepull then prevents overcapping MP from Blood Weapon on Hard Slash, and from a possible natural MP tick prior to the first Edge of Shadow.

At how many targets do I use my Area of Effect (AoE) skills?

At any number of targets, use Living Shadow when possible.

At two or more targets:

  • Replace Souleater combo with Stalwart Soul combo

At three or more targets:

  • Replace Bloodspiller with Quietus
  • Replace Edge of Shadow with Flood of Shadow
  • Replace Carve and Spit with Abyssal Drain

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