Gunbreaker Advanced Guide
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Last Updated: 25 Oct, 2021
Patch Applicable: 5.58

What’s Next After The Basics?

Raid Buffs

Job Icon Name Effect Cooldown
Trick Attack Target takes 5% more damage 15s duration 60s
Battle Litany Critical rate increased by 10% 20s duration 180s
Brotherhood 5% damage increase 15s duration 90s
Technical Finish 5% damage increase 20s duration 120s
Battle Voice Direct hit rate increased by 20% 20s duration 180s
Devotion 5% damage increase 15s duration 180s
Embolden Increases physical damage by 10% Decays over 20s 120s
Chain Stratagem +10% critical rate on target 15s duration 120s
Divination ~6% damage increase 15s duration 120s
AST Various Cards Target gets ~6% damage increase 15s duration 30s

GNB has a damage toolkit that is very well suited for aligning with most raid buffs. With a one minute burst cycle, our No Mercy window should fit cleanly into every use of every non-Brotherhood raid buff, assuming that buffs aren’t being drifted due to player error or downtime/phase transitions.

Because our toolkit is extremely flexible, we should change the order of our skills based on what buff composition we have. For example, if Red Mage is present, we try to put Sonic Break, Blasting Zone, and Bow Shock under the maximum Embolden. Because raid buffs interact multiplicatively and not additively, we also try to get our strongest abilities under the maximum number of raid buffs active at the same time, and should carefully consider how to fit our biggest potency skills into the most raid buffs.

Because Brotherhood is on a 90s cycle, only every other one will align with our No Mercy windows. However, we should still aim to use the Gnashing Fang combo, Blasting Zone, and Burst Strike under Brotherhood. Since Brotherhood and Bloodfest are the same cooldown, we can use Bloodfest to get two Burst Strikes in Brotherhood, while still having two Cartridges ready for the next No Mercy window.

With this said, we do not hold our abilities for long amounts of time to compensate for a player not using their raid buff on time. This can cause us to misalign from the rest of the raid buffs, or cause us to lose uses of our skills. Some fights require us to think critically about whether or not we use skills outside of raid buffs in order to get more uses or DoT ticks. In general, more uses or DoT ticks are worth more than getting something under raid buffs, but this is going to be a fight-specific optimization to look at and will depend strongly on what raid buffs your group has.

Maximizing Skill Uses

We should always aim to get the maximum number of uses of our skills as possible. Missing a use of an oGCD skill is a direct potency loss. For example, if you do not hit Blasting Zone as close to on cooldown as possible, and it causes you to miss a final use before a transition or before the target dies, you have directly lost 800 potency at minimum (more if it cost a use of it under No Mercy). Maximizing skill uses should come as a natural part of fight optimization, determining which opener to use, as well as how to handle downtime (i.e. hold XYZ for after or try to squeeze it in before).

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