Gunbreaker Best in Slot (BiS)
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Last Updated: 29 Apr, 2022
Patch Applicable: 6.1

2.40 GCD

2.41 GCD

Popular, tried and true, decent on all fights.

2.42 GCD

2.43 GCD

2.43 works really well when doing Purgation uptime in P1S and feels good in P2S/P3S/P4S.

2.44 GCD

Might clip your GCD in P1S to Purgation and might clip your GCD if you’re moving Hesperos on Doorboss for Pinax. Other fights feel fine.

2.45 GCD

Feels good on all fights, use if you like 2.45 and don’t lose your 9th GCD in No Mercy. Utilizes crafted ring.

2.46 GCD

2.47 GCD

Untested so far, but felt really good in previous tiers when gearing allowed. 9th GCD under No Mercy requires decent ping.
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  • 3 Feb, 2022
    Updated for Endwalker patch 6.08.
    18 Apr, 2022
    Updated 2.42 GCD for 6.1 Gear